How to Convert Itunes Music to Mp3's for Free





Introduction: How to Convert Itunes Music to Mp3's for Free

how to convert itunes music to mp3's for free

now you KNOW

Hi this is HO TO MAN222
Im going to show you how
to change your itunes music to mp3's
First go to Edit prefrences
click import settings
it right now should be at ACC encoder
Than change it to MP3 encoder
then click ok, than clik OK again

now go to you music after you downloaded a song Right click on the song and click create MP3
Know you know!



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    Thats pretty nice, but isn't iTunes obsolete?

    This is great but: You need to type in the video presentation, I am interested in converting some music and would like the typed information to put in a pdf format . but the video is to quick with out a lot of information.

    3 replies

    its no PDf but its in the description

    Which program are you using it's not clear


    Well done for taking the effort to make a video instructable that tries to address an often asked question. Unfortunately however, this'll only work with tracks that are not protected. The biggest problem with itunes is that when you buy a track with copyright protection, you can't convert it to mp3 without first buying conversion software. (as far as i know)

    1 reply

    Well Peety after you change it it will make song purchased M4a files witch will convert