As we all know everyone likes pets,but not all of us can get them,only because parents don't let them,

that is why I will help you today!

Just follow these steps and you will get your furry,I will straight away tell you that it might not work,so please if it wont no mean comment.

Step 1: Decide What Pet You Want.

Before you do anything you should decide what pet would be best for you,

to do it think about how much space you have in your home,how much money you will be able to spend on the pet every month,if you have any allergies(or some one in your family),how much time you would spend on your pet and so on,you could even find a quiz and decide what pet you want on it!

Step 2: Find Information About the Pet You Chose!

Then you will want to find something out about the pet you chose,like what you need to buy for it,or some facts so these such things this will be useful for the other steps.

Step 3: Write Everything You Found Out in a Note Book

After that write everything you found out in a notebook it will be useful

Step 4: Write Your Parents a Letter

So then write a letter to your parents about the pet,it should be about everything you found out about the pet,why you want it,and what you promise to do,then give it to them

It should be something like that:

Dear mom and dad,

I am writing to you to tell you that I really wanted a pet recently,and I found out lots of facts about

the pet I want,so it is (the pet you chose here).

I found out these things about them:



(and more facts)

I want a pet because I would love a loyal companian,I would love playing with it, training it.

I will (depends on what pet you want)

from your (son or daughter)

(your name)

Step 5: Save Money(if It Didn't Work Keep Reading)

Say that you will save money,and you will buy everything for the pet,but for your parents to buy the pet,

it might be always a problem that they say it costs a lot!

If it not a problem with money,then just always have a answer for a problem,like if your parents would say that pet stinks,say that you will open windows clean cage and stuff

Step 6: If It Didn't Work Then Try Again in a Few Weeks

So by now you might have pet if you do congrats if you don't try again in a few weeks because you don't want to

make your parents annoyed,so try and try

Hey. I really want a shih tzu dog and I offered to pay for it myself Ive been saving my money for ages. But my mom and dad are saying no because "they don't have time" what should I do ?
<p>can someone help me about getting a corgi? its a dog</p>
CaitlynC11 Reply<br>Don't keep asking. Be polite and ask your mom/dad is there any chores to be done around the house. Keep your bedroom tidy. Fold clothes and put them away etc. Buy a money box and start saving using change you find around the house and trade t for notes at your loacal supermarket. I hope this help :)<br>a few seconds ago
<p>My parents are questioning on whether to get me a dog or not. They think I'm not ''responsible'' enough. I have tried taking or dog, Coco, on walks, do chores, clean, etc. But they still are thinking about it. We are in a really rough time right now because my dad got fired and we are going to move. Plz help</p>
Hey there, my parents won't get me a horse. I have been horse riding for ages and they still won't get me one! We have somewhere to keep it and I have written many essays but it still doesn't work. Please I really need someone's advice please.<br><br>Thx<br>
<p>hey, i really want an african grey parrot. Im 13, making my own money (babysitting etc), and my dad is totally against it. He said that i have to write 100 page essay to convince him, and it has to be good! I've written proper essays before with the MLA format, all i need is good topics and plenty of openers. He was really concerned with disease, i showed him 4 i could get and explained why i wouldn't be able to get them. I will definitely put that in the essay, but its 100 pages! there's only so much i could say about 4 diseases! He also asked me how i would feel if i was in a cage, but the thing is im planning to save up for a HUGE one. Like a dog kennel for 2 dogs type of size (obviously for a bird but i'm just trying to get you guys to understand what i mean).Im planning to save up for a year at least. He recently bought me a hamster which i am grateful for, but he says i already have a dog, hamster, and cat. So he wont let me get a bird, even if i pay for it! And i told him the cat is moms but he wont listen to me. Please help me with topics and openers!</p>
Well my friend has an African grey named sweetie pie and she has a huge cage to fly around in
Hey Albus, it's Harry Potter. Kidding! So, your dad sounds like mine. He was stubborn about buying a bird, but for different reasons. He was concerned about the mess, and where we would put it. Finally, I just stopped asking him and showed him just how responsible I could be. And guess what? I got my bird about a month later. Some openers you could use is: How african parrots help to raise levels of happiness. Also, since your dad seems to feel bad for the bird stuck in a cage all day, you could put that there are cages that have an open top where your bird could play. Good luck and I hope this helps!
<p>you should just type it up in really big font so that it spreads over to 100 pages</p>
My mom says dog carry germs what to do
<p>Can someone help me? I have wanted a pet bird since forever, and my dad is the most stubborn man on earth, thus not letting me get one. I have made promises to take care of it, yet he still won't let me. </p>
<p>here's some advice if u want to get it be the nicest man (or girl)on earth and do chores for money</p>
<p>my mom won't let me either I am a girl and I want a girl pet but they just won't get me one</p>
I've been saving up for quite a while now, and they are still being stubborn, even though I have offered to pay for EVERYTHING. I wish my dad would say yes for me to get a bird
<p>oh plz I have lived with a bird before AKA a parrot if you get one it will anoy so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are so noisy and just wont shut up if I wanted a bird it would NOT be a parrot</p>
<p>what are his reasons? Knowing them would help us help you</p>
<p>I already have a guinea pig but I am hoping for another guinea pig or a dog I want a yorkie so bad or a pug and yes I do get what you mean</p>
<p>i know that you posted this a while ago, and i hope you got one in that time. Im having the same problem with my dad, just read what i commented. </p>
My whole family wants a dog but my dad won't let us because he has to spend money!!someone help please!
<p>Maybe just make money from chores!</p>
Just save your own money by doing chores and use it to buy the dog
<p>i have wanted a dog for a very very long time and I tried convincing him and my mom but I think this will work</p>
Help me I'm trying to convince my dad to get a dog and he says I'll think about it then I'll give him GREAT reasons and he'll say maby
I want a hamster but my mom hates rodents i used to have a mouse but it died? and the whole time i had it she wouldent let it even come out in my room even in his ball first in january i begged for a rabbit and i got it in 3 months later and 3 months later 5 months later she let it go then i wanted a cat and 3 months later i got it but it was HARD it was 2 times i begged them and now i am scared about the 3rd time???
<p>It would be nice if you used photos of your<em> own</em> pet to illustrate this.</p>
I would love to use my own photos,but I don't have any pets at the moment,thanks for commenting!
<p>If you don't have any pets how did you know this would work when you posted it?</p>
Its because they copied it from google if you search &quot;how to make your parents get you a pet&quot; it will cone up with the exact aame thing that they said
No she didn't copy stupid it just featured the article, it's not a different one, it's the same, from the same site, same author, same comments, same everything. Click on the link to check for yourself!
<p>Check the links - you may be looking at *this* instructable.</p>
that is very true
<p>hey, i really want a dog but my parents will not let me. i have done everything i can think of. help!</p>
<p>I've tried and tried and tried for years now. I've made slides about facts and showed them. They don't want a dog at all. WHAT DO I DO? please help </p>
Why would you want dog dogs are dumb
Why would you say that it's OK that you have a different thoughts about dogs but dogs are very smart any dog can fit into the right family and there's lots of research why I we could should have at least have a dog in their childhood i'd say dogs are not dumb
I meant why every kid needs a pet like a dog
<p>What are your reasons? Why are dogs dumb? You can't just say dogs are dumb for no reason, Dumbass</p>
I feel the same way too I've tried for about 5 years I don't know what to do either
<p>you should tell all the stuff you did to benefit yours and the others life</p>
Here's a pic of her
<p>My mom says she doesn't want us to have to many pets. We have 1 dog 1 cat and 3 fish. I want a Guinea Pig though. Someone help me!</p>
A few years ago I just had a fish for pets and my friend encouraged me to get a guinea pig but my dad said no so I told him that I want A guinea pig so I can play with and when we had to get food for our pet fish I tried to come up with reasons why I need a guinea pig and collected a few items that I needed for a guinea pig and I tolled them facts about guinea pigs and then I got to get one I named her peaches
OMG I wanted a guinea pig too but my Mom kept saying that We have too many pets at home ???
<p>luckiest person alive</p>
<p>now just 1 dog ?</p>
<p>my parents keep saying no or we will see</p>
My parents just say no or agree and then, I ask them to make sure sometime after and they say that they were kidding.
<p>lol make ur parents annoyed</p>

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