Picture of how to count cards
learn how to count cards in blackjack (21)! a quick easy way to beat the dealer! this especially comes in handy on a trip to vegas, or anywhere else that they have casinos.
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Step 1: Card values

Picture of card values
in counting cards, you add up card values to see what your odds are of getting a good hand. cards 2-6 have a value of +1, cards 7-9 have a value of 0, and 10-ace have a value of -1

Step 2: Adding the numbers

Picture of adding the numbers
every time a card is layed down on the table, you add the number (either =1, 0, or -1) to all of the other numbers. try to bet when the card count is at higher than +3.

Step 3: Multiple decks

Picture of multiple decks
some dealers play with multiple decks in order to discourage card counters. however, if you know the number of decks, you divide the card count by the number, and that is the "true count"

Step 4: Make loads of money!

Picture of make loads of money!
now you can make loads of money! but remember, card counting isn't illegal, but casinos can still throw you off of their property if they suspect you.