How to Crack Passwords




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Introduction: How to Crack Passwords

a quick video i made on cracking passwords in windows

called cain and abel



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    this download is Trogen Hours do not download it do not

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    It's not a trojan, McAfee(or whatever) just thinks it is, because, well, its a hacking program.

    Cain and Abel is definitely not a trojan guys. It is a well know, well established security auditing tool.

    the video does not work

    would it be possible to download this on my laptop and then transfer it to the other computer via a flash drive or another portable hard drive? because I don't have "Physical" access to the computer I'm trying to get into... **please not that I am doing this on my parents computer...and not using it for some random please don't be hesitant about your answer...

    if i wanted a video that was too blurry to see and too quiet to hear i would go on youtube.

    It doesn't take that long, and also, it is much easier (I think) to use brute force than normal hash checking

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    ya for normal passwords but i have tried stuff like aX3215_={ljs$sfa4A takes a long long time lol but most people just use a normal word thanks for the comment

    What it has to do with anything: As stated, Satan would be faster than your method. Was the tutorial helpful: No. There are 5 billion of these "password crack" instructables on the site. Not original at all.

    why not just get Satan to do it for you? It's gotta be faster.