How to crack the admin's password without hacking

In a few short, easy steps, i'll tell you how to crack the password of an admin without hacking and no pictures needed

if she asks a question that doesn't have a word similar to "virus" than abort the plan immediately

NOTE this may work on more than one school computer.

I thought i would do this because that happened to me by coincidence and a comment i posted 1 month after
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Step 2: Are you an actor?

now, wait a few minutes and use the computer. then say "the desktop is frozen, Mrs. whateverhernameis". let the teacher get on and click a few times maybe even let her restart the computer. WHATEVER SHE DOES, LET HER SAY THERE IS A VIRUS AND HELP THAT IDEA GROW AFTER SHE SAYS THAT FIRST OTHERWISE SHE WILL BE SUSPICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

after that, tell her that the only way to get around the virus is to go on the admin account and then let her give you the password. note you must be sure the teacher is at the desk and you are alone or something.

this plan will fail if you aren't told the password. If that happens, look over the teacher's shoulder when she types in the password

Step 3: ENJOY

now enjoy your admin freedom!

If the plan failed, you will have to use software to crack the password since you cant use the plan again

this is only one-shot because multiple attempts with this method will make the teacher suspicious.

again, enjoy admin privileges while they last

here are some ideas:
1. change the admin password
2. unblock websites
3. put a password on the non-admin account and change that account to admin
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saeed21216 days ago

seems to work on some situations, great!

bauerbach10 months ago
Admins could call the cops!
snegrete jr.11 months ago
It's simple to hack the hiding the task bar is a stupid idea. It's simple to get it back up. Your probably a little middle school kid... Typical
xACIDITYx6 years ago
This is in no way cracking the password.
coolz (author)  xACIDITYx6 years ago
how else would you crack the password WITHOUT HACKING and this method also has an 80% chance of working. It did for me!
OCPik4chu coolz2 years ago
80% chance is only 80% if 80% of the teachers are gullible. This is not a hack its social engineering.
Use this instructable Hacking Windows XP Passwords. for real
what if the tacher wont tell you the password AND they are a very fast typer. so fast you cant tell what she is typing?
Then find another teacher, this relies on social engineering and getting lucky to work.
damasta6 years ago
This reminds me of the program brutus if it takes too long it says "it's better to call the admin and ask for the password" this probably won't work with the sysadmin at a school, because everyone with an internet connection knows this prank. but if your admin's stupid enough, good luck
coolz (author)  damasta6 years ago
no,no. you don't ask for the password, you trick the admin into giving you the password through a prank that has been posted 5 times
damasta coolz6 years ago
true also, you might want to know, I found out the admin account at my primary school using a simular method 6 years ago, It was the sysadmin's name today I use methods with a higher chance of succeeding
coolz (author)  damasta6 years ago
you know, i found out the method by accident in the 6th grade. now this is the best method without running bios code or something The school is Sallie Humble and the password to the teacher account is nclb no caps
damasta coolz6 years ago
I found out yesterday: the admin pass is printed on a piece of paper hanging in the admin's office but I already hacked it, so it doesn't matter
how do you hack it? pm me how PLEEEEEEEEEEAAASE!!!
coolz (author)  damasta6 years ago
could you tell me the password and the school?
(removed by author or community request)
Yes there is. Sometimes when you flash the BIOS, it skips the log on, automatically making you an admin. Once youre an admin you can check out the password.
(removed by author or community request)
well you replace or upgrade the bios and when it reboots it automatically logs you in as the admin. (warning, changing the bios is dangerous as it is the heart of the computer)
(removed by author or community request)
It doesnt. The os does and logs you on as admin in response to the bios. Ive never tried it, but maybe it just creates a new admin account. That doesnt explain much more though, as that is also under the os. The point is, its a hole in the os, not the bois. When you flash the bios, the os logs you on as admin.
or if your on a school laptop, you could but it, the tso logs in says its fine clicks shut down and when you can click cancel CLICK!!! i thought of that just after i had a perfect moment to do that :(
is your sons name Michael because my name is Michael also. is he 13 like me?
just curious
rcmz4 years ago
just google it. a lot of password recovery tool support Windows OS. password recovery bundle
cowen4 years ago
Most Schools with an IT department have a plan in place that if the computer is compromised they receive a service LOG and let IT Staff deal with it while the teacher moves the student to another PC. This stops the password sharing, and allows the teacher to do what he/she is to do (teach), Virus removal can be simple or extensive and teachers are not qualified to do that type of work in the first place. Another tool that is used on some of my systems restores a HD after a special boot sequence so no mater what you do (Virus, FDISK, DOD government wipe disk) the entire drive is restored back to its previous working state. We like that and no passwords are needed to do that, takes 3 minutes to setup. We are promoting this model to many districts around the country.
floryzzz4 years ago
 Wich stupid teacher give his password to a student?
lol..i like that... =D
you could you into task maneger and stop explorer.exe stops the taskbar
sniper_lew4 years ago
"after that, tell her that the only way to get around the virus is to go on the admin account and then let her give you the password." I see a flaw in your logic, unless your admin knows nothing about computers this isnt gonna work, also I dont think many admins would take advice from a student. Lastly, if you say its a virus, your gonna get detention... the only guaranteed method to gain the admins password without hacking, is to get a job as the admin...
this should be filed under "soical Enginnering"
i made that
n it worked
hahaha the principal fired the teacher!!!!
the real thing to do is volunteer for community service helping teachers. they actually seem like human beings when they're not in school hours. and are way more prone to tell you something if you act like a good guy. I got the admin pass at my school by pretending to be interested in computers when a tech came after school. he let me help him fix the computers (which involved giving me the password) I don't think he knew that I knew how to use the password. the truth is: adults think kids are stupid. if you act like a stupid kid, people will treat you like one! even if they are half a year older than you! use it to your advantage...
 heh heh XD

i don't like ageism :(
RedFlash5 years ago
I would like to see you try and pull this off. Just install a keylogger. You're bound to get the password after a few tries
your STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lamboboy7325 years ago
Less of a crack and more of a trick. The only problem is many school computers now don't have direct access to an admin. account unless connected directly to the schools main server.
hg3415 years ago
hum... i dont like this at alli will lost the abitly to use the pcs if try this....
unominame6 years ago
easy way of getting password usy keylogging software and to load it fast up load the software on a jumpdrive and load it on the comp. that you want to get the password **bows....huge applause**
kingmik6 years ago
yo i did something like dis i put a fork bomb virus and click inactive desktop had my teacher in there for a hour tryin to find out wat to do so i was i think i know wat wrong give me admin password cause regular one won't allow me he was like hold on then he started giving up he was like i put on admin and u do it then he was like when u done u banned from using everything including laptops so i told so i won't get in trouble i tried it on my other teacher he figured it out in like 3 minutes i was mad like how u knew wat wrong he said he like pranking ppl 4 fun and he did this b4
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