Step 3: Budget

Picture of budget

dont you wish you had 100's of thousands to spend on you movie and it still woudnt change youre econimical life at all. well thats to bad, because we dont. or adleast i dont, so we have to swerve round that obstacle without it harming our production as much as pooable. now thats almost impossable as with thousands of pounds you can buy dollies and top of the range HD camra's, proffesional actors and kick ass explosions were as we can bearly afford a camera at all. we are cheepskates, so we must get round this problem. use a skatebourd for a dolly, or a firework for a explosion. youse close friends for actors and try and get the best camera you can get without riuning the rest of your movie. i use the fingers of latex gloves filled with fake blood to make blood pacs, and throw a pile of dirt for a explosion. it works, aslongas you dont focas on it.basicly try and think of a cheap option compared to theproffesional one.