Introduction: How to Cut a T-shirt Into a Tanktop

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(a crop-top tank-top)

Step 1:

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start with any old shirt that you want to re-invent

preferably an old t-shirt or long sleeve shirt

Step 2:

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make the first cuts

- cut off the neck of the shirt as well as the sleeves to your liking

- you can create an deep neck or larger arm holes

- you can make the straps thinner as well

Step 3:

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mark off how short you want your shirt to be with a strip of tape on the back side of the shirt

(marker if you don't have tape)

- i would try it on at this point to make sure you are happy with the neck and sleeve cuts as well as the length of what your shirt will be

Step 4:

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only cut the back half of the shirt

- this will leave you with enough faberic in the front to make ties

at this point the shirt should look somewhat like this

Step 5:

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-cut the front of the shirt into slanted 'triangle' shapes

(this will make the ties look less choppy)

- then cut a slit about 3 inches high in the bottom center, of the front of the shirt

Step 6: The Final Product

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to finish it off tie the two chunks in the front together to make a synched center


zin may lin (author)2015-10-12

i kind of have a hard time in this i had to do it at school tomorrow kind if nervous

tomatoskins (author)2015-03-24

Excellent first instructable! I'm excited to see what else you come up with and welcome to the community!

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