Picture of how to cut a watermelon
this technique makes quick work of any melon. stripping off the rind and leaving the center to be sliced or carved into a work of art.

round melons are the easiest to work with, but this method works well with any size melon as well as cantaloupe and musk melon.

Step 1: Stabilize

Picture of stabilize
slice an inch or so off the stem and bloom end of the melon and stand on end to stabilize the melon for cutting. for larger melons, it may be necessary to cut it in half around it's equator and stand it on the large cut end.
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hi!monkey (author)  MisterMissanthrope7 years ago
a knife or any pointy implement in any untrained hand can be scary. one of the first things you lean in knife class is how to avoid stabbing anyone with your blade. a skill that is well worth the cost of a reputable course.
PikesPeak7 years ago
Very cool, but if this monkey sits on your headboard at night while you are sleeping.......
How do you know it's a monkey?
stimps6 years ago
Monkey!! I'm so glad to see you here... I haven't checked your web page lately. This is a great instructable, and I'm not sure why people can't figure out that you're a monkey. love from stimps!
hi!monkey (author)  stimps6 years ago
what a surprise! i'm so happy you like it, stimps. i have a tutorial on how to cut up a tomato on my site now too! make yourself at home and browse around the snacks! xxxx
baneat7 years ago
I'm thinkin' KATANA!
Kurani7 years ago
it doesn't realy make sense
Walikai Kurani7 years ago
it is self explanatory
Vendigroth7 years ago
Is the person taking the pictures your iBles buddy?
hi!monkey (author)  Vendigroth7 years ago
i have vowed to protect the photographer's secret identity!
finfan78 years ago
This is kinda cool but the bear and watermelon are the weirdest i have seen of each. Crazy grin on that lil bear
hi!monkey (author)  finfan77 years ago
honest, i'm not a bear, i'm a monkey. a rare terrycloth monkey, but a monkey none the less. if i was a bear, you would have seen my pointy bear teeth in my warm and open grin.
HAL 90007 years ago
Excellent! Not only a good idea but a wonderful and very creative presentation. Giving this a + for sure.
hi!monkey (author)  HAL 90007 years ago
thanks hal 9000. feel free to drop by my cooking page
for other culinary delights.
gog8 years ago
This is cute with the little stuffed animal doing the work.
hi!monkey (author)  gog8 years ago
thanks... i'm pretty sure i'm still a monkey.
Seppuko8 years ago
i love this instructable with all my heart and soul
hi!monkey (author)  Seppuko8 years ago
i'm delighted! thanks for you enthusiasm.
TangMu8 years ago
Are you sure its wise giving him a knife?? only mischief and possible maimament will follow O_O
hi!monkey (author)  TangMu8 years ago
my knife kills are impecable. i've never lost a finger (ok, i don't have any to lose) or a limb in the kitchen.
knife KILLS? run!
hi!monkey (author)  CaffeineHouse8 years ago
ha! my knife skills are impecable, but, my proofreading skills leave something to desire.