What you will need:

A saw
A Flathead screwdriver
A sharpie marker
And a golf ball

Step 1: Marking a Line

First you want to take your sharpie marker and draw a straight line around the circumference of the ball.
Then take your saw and cut along the line until you can see a different color inside the cut, do this all the way around the ball.

Step 2: Prying Off the Shell

Now take your Flathead screwdriver and wedge it under one side of the shell by twisting it back and forth.
Once you get the screwdriver under one part of the shell shift the screwdriver a bit to the left and continue prying. Do this until the shell pops off.

Step 3: Still Prying Off the Shell

Now wedge the screwdriver under the other half off the shell and pry it off just like the first half.
Well, certainly a nice 'ible - good writing and great pictures, but allow me the question: Why?
<p>If you have a homemade air cannon (potato gun) with a 1.5-inch barrel and have an adventurous imagination when it comes to ammo sources, then you probably already realize that the 5 cm golf ball is just a little too large. But, if you peel off the outer layer to reveal the inner core, you will find that it is almost a perfect match for your barrel. They are very fast; the most impressive thing (projectile) that I have ever shot from my air cannon. Be careful and good luck finding them after they have been shot.</p>
golf ball with chipped or cracked shell.<br>subtract shell.<br>Superball!
I wonder if they bounce well
I have tried bouncing them and they do bounce but they are still VERY hard balls.
Ah, thanks
Glue it back together, add high gloss white paint, dirty it, swap it out with someones ball, thwack, my ball broke!!!
now, what to do with all those golf ball halves?
glue them together and use them as ping-pong balls!! :)
I actually thought of one.<br><br>Fill with magic stuff, glue together with WEAK glue.<br><br><br>Now, GO NINJA SMOKE BOMBS!

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