How to Decoupage a Thrift Store Dresser With a Poster





Introduction: How to Decoupage a Thrift Store Dresser With a Poster

transform a thrift store dresser with with decoupage and a 9$ poster, learn how to create a smooth finish without bubbles.



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    Excelent idea you did such an wonderful job right there, I was wondering of you can send me your facebook page so I can see your work and share mine with you.

    I once attempted to temporarily wallpaper a poster on my dormroom chest of drawers and I'm pretty sure I tore the thing off within a day because it looked awful. This seems like a swell way to go about it.
    "...if you like to see me attempt things that I don't know if I can do or not, subscribe..."
    LOL, I snorted at this part, I think we would be friends...or at least creative collaborators.

    you did such an amazing job with this... looks awesome! definitely going to try this!

    I love both of your Instructables!! I've always wanted a cool bureau instead of the typical bulky wooden one, and this is the totally unique solution! Thank you and keep posting!!

    Good idea and excellent application! I wonder if you used spray adhesive, you might have better luck, i.e., no bubbles and no ridges formed. The adhesive doesn't effect the paper at all. After drying, the paper can be covered with a few coats of acrylic varnish to protect your work.

    I love this idea , yay up cycling