Hi all prop makers, today i'll show you how to make a 3d printable prop gun from a 2d image. 
In this instructable i'll make an anti material gun from fallout new vegas with moving parts.
Tools needed:
-123d design http://www.123dapp.com/design
- paper
- printer 
- 3d printer or 3d printing service like shapeways.com 
- pencil, rubber, ruler and calculator

I'm including my files of the anti material so you can just download and print 'em.

Step 1: 2d Designing the Prop

to make a 100% accurate prop gun you need to have 100% measures.
The first step is finding a reference image and printing it on paper.
Then you need to find the right scale between the real gun and your printed one, to do that you need to mesure a part you know the real dimensions. I measured the magazine on the paper and it was 2.2 cm, i knew that the real one was 10 cm so i did 10/2.2, the result was 4.5 so the printed gun on paper was 1:4,5.
Now the boring part begins.
You need to separate all the parts of the gun you want to be 3d printed so you need to redraw em in a 1:1 scale. 
After you did that you can transform your 2d designs in a 3d object.

<p>Did you have access to a 3d printer? I loaded some of the files into shapeways and it seems punitively expensive.</p>

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