How to Detect a Fake / Real Dollar Bill





Introduction: How to Detect a Fake / Real Dollar Bill

this is probable the easiest way to see if any dollar bill is real. simply hold up to the light.

Step 1: Five Dollar Bill

on the five dollar bill. fives should appear.

Step 2: Ten Dollar Bill

on the ten dollar bill, when you look on the right side of the bill, you will see a white circle with the word people over it. a head should appear in this circle. in the picture, i shot it on the back side. it shows the same

Step 3: Twenty Dollar Bill

on the twenty dollar bill, the words "TWENTY USA, USA TWENTY" should dissapear. a head should appear next to the twenty with a green circle thing on it.

Step 4: Try More!

if you have a diffrent dollar bill (1, 2, 100, 50) try this out. it works with every one! please post what you see on diffrent bills.



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      thank you someone tried to trick me with a twenty dollar bill for one dollar but I knew it was a fake so I punched him thank you!!!!!!!!!!

      You usually see the president's head on them!