How to detect a fake / real dollar bill

this is probable the easiest way to see if any dollar bill is real. simply hold up to the light.
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Step 2: Ten dollar bill

on the ten dollar bill, when you look on the right side of the bill, you will see a white circle with the word people over it. a head should appear in this circle. in the picture, i shot it on the back side. it shows the same

Step 4: Try more!

if you have a diffrent dollar bill (1, 2, 100, 50) try this out. it works with every one! please post what you see on diffrent bills.
thank you someone tried to trick me with a twenty dollar bill for one dollar but I knew it was a fake so I punched him thank you!!!!!!!!!!
I punched him in the chest
thing 25 years ago
You usually see the president's head on them!