How to Dissasemble a Motor





Introduction: How to Dissasemble a Motor

its easy, try it!

Step 1: First,

Take the motor and pry the end cap off with a flat head screwdriver.

Step 2: Second,

Pull out the armature.

Step 3: Third,

Pull out the U" shaped piece of metal. (sorry about the crummy picture.)

Step 4: Fourth,

Pull out the magnets that are located on the sides of the inside of the motor shell.

Step 5: Fifth,

put the magnets back the way you took them out

Step 6: Sixth,

push the "U" shaped piece of metal back in

Step 7: Seventh,

put the armature in the way you took it out also.

Step 8: Eighth,

put the end cap back on

Step 9: Finally,

your done! hope you thought this was interesting.



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    the title should say - how to behave like an oxymoron...

    Out of curiosity, why would one want to do this?

    im a nerd, why would a nerd do it, for the heck of it

    thats the best way ive ever heard  it

    what kind of motor is this, and how much do they cost?

    pretty cheap, about $2 from wher i get them, you can get a 12 pack with alot of different kinds for $20. the motor is just a regular ol' motor, they are in almost all toys.

    You can also "rebuild" electric motors and know very little about electricity, how to re-wrap a coil that is burned in two and not counting the loops, by clipping all the copper off "1 winding at a time" and saving it to "weigh it" then measuring its AWG or thickness, then you can calculate how much wire is used, buy and re-wrapping the coil using the same method as it was wrapped till you run out of wire,simple. Replacement brushes/wire can be bought at most electrical supply houses. and if using hobby motors it is good to experiment with capacitor and resistor effects on motor circuits too. learn a little about "PWM" "Make sure you buy enameled wrapping wire though!" you probably wont need this much, I do alot of repairs and sometimes you just cant replace the motor.