Picture of How to do a card flourish
This a fairly easy one,but one tip-use good,high quality cards as they are much smoother than cheap cards and are well worth the investment. Go to or just search google for some bicycle red backs,blue backs,black tigers or ghosts!(There are other makes but I prefer bicycle)
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Step 1: The Grip

Picture of The Grip
Hold the cards like it is shown in picture one.Keep the grip fairly loose and it helps if you have your cards on a grippy surface(a rug works well,or,if you could get a card mat but they are quite expensive).

Step 2: Dragging!

Picture of Dragging!
C:\Family Tudge\Lewis\Lewis\cards\cards003.JPG
1.Start to drag the cards accross to your right appliying an even pressure to the cards all the way.

2.Now if you take your hand away your cards should be possitioned like this (pic 2)

Step 3: Flipping!

Picture of Flipping!
C:\Family Tudge\Lewis\Lewis\cards\cards005.JPG
1.Put your hand under the far left card and raise it while pushing it right.This should flip the first card over a bit witch will do the same to the next card and so on.

2.This is the cards hallfway through them being flipped.

Step 4: Collecting!

Picture of Collecting!
C:\Family Tudge\Lewis\Lewis\cards\cards007.JPG
1.You should now have the cards so that they look exactly like they did in step 2 picture 2 exept that they are now the other way up.

2.Get your hand under the far right card now and start pulling to the left to push all the cards into your hand.

Step 5: Squaring

Picture of Squaring
C:\Family Tudge\Lewis\Lewis\cards\cards009.JPG
1.You should have the cards like this now.

2.Square the cards up.

Step 6: Done-ing

Picture of Done-ing
Put them on the table or do what you want with your cards cos your done!!

Oh,and as Mr.Math says,practice,practice,practice!
sharlston5 years ago
mmmmmmmmmmmm very good but i got some killer cards the other day they are steel rimmed would they work for this? ps they are heavy as hell
where in the world did you buy steel rimmed cards!
made em
you should make an instructable for those steel cards
tudgeanator (author)  sharlston5 years ago
Maybe. Why dont u just try
MattandJora6 years ago
where did you get those cards?
tudgeanator (author)  MattandJora6 years ago
I got them from a company called Ellusionist (Just google them and it should come up),but many places sell them. They are called Black tigers.
cool thanks =]
tudgeanator (author)  MattandJora6 years ago
No prob
ojochris7 years ago
DUDE, I Got the Black Tiger Deck Too!!!!!!!!! :()
tudgeanator (author)  ojochris6 years ago
NICE! I don't use the tigers any more because i found the ghost decks are easier to handle for some reason-they feel 'thinner'.
Hmmmm....... I really Don't agree. But whatever. :-)
tudgeanator (author)  ojochris6 years ago
Yeah,lots of people disagree with me,but thats just how i feel-Dont know why
podginater6 years ago
bonjour tudgeanator desolée mais je ne parle pas anglais. mais je crois vous etes ma mere et je veux faire des cartes mais je ne sais pas comment! s'il vous plait m'aidez LOL
tudgeanator (author)  podginater6 years ago
i actually didn't underdtand half of that-explain at school
i spent an hour doing this trick in my room lol
tudgeanator (author) 7 years ago
dark helmat ye it is a fluroish but i dont kno how to spell that
Dark_Helmet7 years ago
I would really consider this more of a flourish than a sleight. Other than that, a useful skill in any routine. -DE
tudgeanator (author) 7 years ago
i got my cards from not sure how to spell ellusionist but it starts with an e.ellusionist is amerrican and i recently found out thers quie afew english sites that sell them which i use cos its cheaper (i live in england).the cards are 'black tigers'.
tudgeanator (author) 7 years ago
a reply to mrath-its not my fault i cant spell or watever,i have slight dislexia.
bumpus7 years ago
when i do this i use a card that goes across the tops of the cards so you can controll which way it goes
mrmath bumpus7 years ago
First, you forgot three steps. 1) Practice 2) Practice 3) Practice. While the steps you give are accurate, it is not as easy as this. I can't do this, though I've tried and practiced. Second, please, learn to use the shift key on your keyboard. It's really easy, and makes you look so much better. Third, I normally would hit you with my You're/Your pet peeve here, but there's just so much wrong with the way you write that I just don't know where to begin. In all honestly, however, following your instructable should be easy (once you get beyond the grammar), and if you practice enough, this will tell you how to do it. It's a good instructable when you get past the grammer. Did I mention the bad grammer?
bumpus mrmath7 years ago
haha Thanks I do usually use the shift key but i probably was in a hurry for somthing or another...
mrmath bumpus7 years ago
That wasn't supposed to be directed at you. It was supposed to be directd at the author. I don't know why I hit reply! I'm a loser!
WOW!!! where did you get those cards??? they're soooooo HYPE!
rockyt7 years ago
you aint gotta listen to nobody bout grammer iffin you dont carE too.!,