How to Do Henna Design for Beginners





Introduction: How to Do Henna Design for Beginners

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I love henna designs.. once you get used to do these designs, you can easily create various designs. many designs and patterns are easily available on internet.
I am showing here very beginner version of henna design. you can easily do it. and once you master beginner version you can go for complex design.
for this we need
- henna cone
- blank papers for practice
- old handkerchief
- hand(s)

Step 1: Practicing Basic Henna Stokes

when we learnt writing, we 1st mastered some lines, curves and then preceed to actual writing. same way here also we 1st need to practice some lines and curves. try slant lines, then 'C', 'U', 'S' and 'O'. 1st draw by pen and try to overwrite it by henna. then try with henna only.
try some dots. then hearts.
then try to put dot and without lifting henna cone stroke it in one direction, you will get some drop like/ leaf like pattern. try experimenting. go for ', (comma)' like structure.
try alphabets.
then some random leaf structures.
now go for flower..
- put a dot
- then make an 'O'/round around it
- make petals by some 'C', 'U' like structures.
- decorate with some lines within petals
- try different versions of flowers

Step 2: Design 1

now grab a hand, I grabbed my mom's hand.
draw a flower, like one we practiced.
draw some more flowers. keep then close to first one.
see picture for reference.
then go towards one finger, draw small flowers. I have drawn half flowers.
end the design towards finger by drawing a leaf like design.
on remaining fingers, draw some design.
I have drawn an elangated 'S' like shape. and then some curves. put a dot above it.
then filled henna design by some fillers. added some curves and dots.

Step 3: Design 2

for this design I have drawn one big round. then filled it with criss cross lines.
then I added some henna lines around it, like we did in schools to draw sun.
then I joined those lines to make a beautiful flower.
I have drawn another small flower beside it.
then I drew two lines from those flowers towards the end of small finger and ring finger.
then I drew parallel lines to those lines.
then using 'comma' design I made leaves for those lines.
henna design is finished.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Creativity

keep henna for three to four hours, so that you can get good color.
I hope you will enjoy these simple designs.
after some practicing you can then go for complex designs..



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you can find many designs on internet..

Sorry Prachilele my younger sister clicked on instructables and came to your henna design instructable and typed a comment. Sorry!!! I forgot to logout of my account:o

Congrats on being the finalist. And thank you for your comment on my finalist project too. Have good day

congrats on becoming a finalist, this is a great i'able with detailed instructions xx

Beautiful! And thanks for including the practice strokes, that's such a helpful tip!