How to Do the Balisong Combo Chaos Theory





Introduction: How to Do the Balisong Combo Chaos Theory

Hi guys another quick tutorial on the balisong this one called chaos theory its a relatively simle combo, so enjoy watchin give it a go and feel free to rate and comment, thanx guys



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Questions & Answers


wooh! now i can be the spy from team fortress 2 for haloween! awesome!

I'm from the Philippines. When you see those fancy moves, be impressed with the skills. But when you see someone open the balisong with 2 hands... run. Because things are getting serious.

 very nice. looks very smexy and i was actually surprised how simple the movements were. the skill in tying them together so fluidly is unmissable. :)

unfortunately, both of my bali's are awful cos I like in the uk. I need a trainer blade, at least i know that will be of decent quality and i have a chance of getting one imported :s

this was on the movie faceoff but id try it i only have two problems 1 i dont happen to own that kind of knife and 2 i  would probly last all of 4 seconds or so before making a break for the hospital