Have you every had trouble on a math problem? well this will help. this was used long ago and its simple. i'm sorry, i have sloppy writing. and i took pics with my dsi cuz i couldn't find my camera.

Step 1: Create a Box

create a box with with smaller squares in it by the digits... so like 8675 times 45 so its 4 digits by 2 digits then put lines through them like pic# 2

Step 2:

then put the numbers on the top and the left sides of the box.

Step 3:

so now you multiply any number that intersect with the row and coloumn

Step 4:

then just add

Step 5:

then you see that the numbers are in order from the line so its 2426508638 

Step 6:

so 560913 x 4326=2426508638 
Interesting as freak math, but it is not easiest than the "traditional" method. Thanks anyway, good work!
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