How to Draw a Red Fox in the Snow.





Introduction: How to Draw a Red Fox in the Snow.

how to draw a cute lil foxey playing in a snowy forest.!

Step 1: Step One: Collect a Pictire of a Fox

collect a picture of a fox from any where (google ask yahoo...etc.)

Step 2: Step Two: Draw the Basic Outline of the Face

i had to use marker for this pen or pencil wont scan s-: just draw the basic outline of the foxes' face. no eyes or fur yet.

Step 3: Step Three: the Back and Tail Outline

draw the outline of the foxes back and tail. use short, quick lines to make it look furry.

Step 4: Step Four: the Legs and Belly

again, use quick short lines to make it look furry. draw the four legs, but no paws because they will be sunk in snow.

Step 5: Step Five: Draw the Details

draw the deatails, the eye, nose , and white tip of the tail. use quick...

Step 6: Step Six: Background

rember step 4? i said to not draw paws! heres why: draw them sunk in snow by adding squiggles at the ends of the legs! then add trees and snowfall!



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Nice drawing :)

hey i did an awesome job!

Thats amazing i could never draw anything like that