How to Draw Lips





Introduction: How to Draw Lips

quick and easy

Step 1: Draw the First Part of Your Grid

in the middle of your paper you need a 16cm wide and 8cm tall grid

Step 2: Divide Your Grid Into 8 Squares

draw a straight horizontal line going through the middle of your grid, then draw 3 evenly spaced out vertical lines

Step 3: Draw a Semi Circle in the Top 2 Middle Squares

make sure your semi circle fills the top 2 middle squares

Step 4: Draw Your Top Lip

it may sound difficult but its really easy... just draw a diagonal line going through the top right and left boxes, then to join them up your just using a little bit of a bumpy line :)

Step 5: Draw Your Bottom Lip

now from the bottom 2 outside squars you are basically doing the same thing as you did with the top lip but the only thing different about this one is you join the 2 diagonal lines up with a curved line

Step 6: Rub Out the Grid Behind Your Lips

you have to keep 1 line which is the line that seperates the top and bottom lip

Step 7: Draw Your Teeth


Step 8: Shade!

you need to shade your top and bottom lip and then colour in the semi circle (but not the teeth!)

Step 9: Now Show Off Your Wonderful Drawing!


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Not as good as urs, but thanks for the tips✨✨