Introduction: How to Draw Simple Manga Girls/ladies

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Here's my instructible on how to draw simple manga girls or ladies
l hope you have fun

Step 1: The Head

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photo 1: lightly draw a circle with your pencil
photo 2: lightly with your pencil draw a roundish triangle coming off the circle
photo 3 :draw around the circle and the roundish triangle
photo 4:now rub out the lines in the middle

Step 2: The Face

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just to tell you this is all done lightly with your pencil
photo 1: draw a line from the top of the head to the bottom in the middle
photo 2: about 3 quarters up the head draw a line from left to right
photo 3: draw a line near the bottom for the mouth, and a little bit higher draw a little line for the nose, on the horizontal line draw two vertical lines on one side then the other

Step 3: The Eyes

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photo 1 : you have your two vertical lines
photo 2 : draw two sightly curved lines from the the top and bottom your two vertical lines
photo 3 : draw a sort of L lying on its side
photo 4 : draw a little circle in the top section one in the bottom section
photo 5: now colour the L bit is usually a darker colour than the top section you don't colour in the little circles
photo 6: out line it with black and add eyelashes
photo 7: your have your two lines
photo 8: draw a C with in the two lines
photo 9: rub out the two lines and draw an oval inside the C
photo 10: draw a semi-circle at the top of the oval
photo 11: draw an oval coming out of the semi-circle
photo 12 : add eyelashes
photo 13 : colour the little oval black , leave the semi-circle white and do the bigger oval what ever colour you want your eye to be
photo 14 : I used the second pair of eyes

Step 4: The Mouth

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photo 1: for a mouth you can draw a roundish triangle with a curved line in side it for the tounge
photo 2 : or you can draw a semi-circle with a little semi-circle inside for the tounge
photo 3: or you could draw a simple line
photo 4: g used mouth 2

Step 5:

Picture of

photo 1 : Draw a semi-circle then draw a six inside it
photo 2 : just draw two semi-circles one inside another
padre 3: I chose ears 2

Step 6: The Hair

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l can't help with the hair because we all like to draw hair in different ways but I've got hair styles in photo 1. I drew bunches

Step 7: Neck and Shoulders

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photo 1 :you have your head
photo 2 : draw two line for a neck
photo 3 : draw lines from the neck to the sides slowly curving down
photo 4 : draw triangle for arms and a collar if you want one
photo 5 :create your own t-shirt

Step 8: Dont Leave Her Noseless

Picture of Dont Leave Her Noseless

photo 1:now add a nose by drawing two diagonal lines that meet

thanks for reading l hope you had fun!!!
l would love to see all your manga girls so please Comment them!
thank you :)


mazzy mitchell (author)2015-01-28

That's good for a beginner! Keep on practicing and I know you'll be really really good!

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