How to Draw Trogdor





Introduction: How to Draw Trogdor

A dragon? Thats easy. Feel free to follow along with my simple step-by-step instructions. I make drawing fun!!

Step 1: 1st Step to Draw Trogdor

To begin draw an S, for snake. or dragon. Whatever

Step 2: 2nd Step to Draw Trogdor

Next, we'll draw a more different S

Step 3: 3rd Step to Draw Trogdor

Close it up real good at the top, for his head.

Step 4: 4th Step to Draw Trogdor

Then, using consament V's give him teeth, spineties, and angry eyebrows.

Step 5: 5th Step to Draw Trogdor

Now you can add smoke, fire, or wings, you know if he's a wing-a-ling dragon.

Step 6: 6th Step to Drawing Trogdor

Now lets put one of those beefy arms on the back of him for good measure. That looks really good, coming out of the back of his neck there.



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    I said consament vs! CONSAMENT!!!! Trogdor needs to gain some weight!

    lol it looks like a kindergartner drew that haha :P

    yeah youre right i does

    You forgot the majesty. Sheesh, guy wouldn't know majesty if it came up and bit him in the face.

    That happened once!

    i never really noticed that before