Step 2: Pants

always wear pants! never get blue pants always get black or gray or sometimes dark blue. buy them a little big so the can fit you next year. skinny jeans look better but not too skinny.

Step 4: Accessories

flat bill hats if you want wear one they are pretty cool
wear a necklace if you want 
wrist bands are optional
beanies are cool too

I dont mean to be rude but no one wears name brand other than shoes. And also if you dress like that you look fake. But hey ive seen people who do dress like this shred. If you want to look like a skater start skating simple as that. sorry if this came out a bit rude.

imboredalot2 years ago
Lots of skaters just don't wear a shirt...
NE patsrock (author)  imboredalot2 years ago
ya in the summer thay take it off
Thermionic3 years ago
You forgot the wool beanie hat option. That must be worn, especially in 100 degree weather. Also, the pants should be as tight as possible.
not to mention pulled down a foot or two
NE patsrock (author)  patriots88883 years ago
haha ya thats what i do
Ah, so your desire then, is to look like a prisoner, offering prostitution services. I see.
NE patsrock (author)  Thermionic3 years ago
no its just that you dont want them too small its looks dorky
Yes, and pants pulled down far enough, that your entire posterior is now outside the pants, doesn't look dorky. Not at all.
NE patsrock (author)  Thermionic3 years ago
if the pants are perfect ya its fine but if their showing your socks when u stand up then ya pull them down a little or "sagg"
I think we mean sagging not lettin it all hang loose (if you catch my drift)
NE patsrock (author)  patriots88883 years ago