Picture of how to dress up as a skateboarder!!!
hi this instructable is going to show you how to dress as a cool skateboarder!!!
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Step 1: Shoes

Picture of shoes
get a nice pair of vans skateboarding that fits your style. other brands are DC,Fallen, and nike 6.0

Step 2: Pants

Picture of pants
always wear pants! never get blue pants always get black or gray or sometimes dark blue. buy them a little big so the can fit you next year. skinny jeans look better but not too skinny.

Step 3: Shirts

Picture of shirts
wear some kind of shirt with a skateboard name brand shirt like DC,Fallen, and nike 6.0, ...short sleeve or long sleeve or hoodie

Step 4: Accessories

Picture of accessories
flat bill hats if you want wear one they are pretty cool
wear a necklace if you want 
wrist bands are optional
beanies are cool too
imboredalot3 years ago
Lots of skaters just don't wear a shirt...
NE patsrock (author)  imboredalot3 years ago
ya in the summer thay take it off