How to Edit Action Replay Codes Part One





Introduction: How to Edit Action Replay Codes Part One

have you ever played a videogame you just cant seem to beat?

i have the solution. hack the game with my guide.

part one: just simple editing to the ammount the code gives you

part two: comming soon

things you will need:

action replay(i use the one for my ds)

action replay codes

how to count in hexdecimal

a game system to use the action replay on(you can use a emulator but that is ilegal if you dont have the system or rom you are using)

next are only for action replay ds

action replay code manager

a text editor(i use notepad, if you dont make sure you can save the file as a .xml file)

Step 1: First Things First

step one

get some codes for the game you want to hack. make sure they are simple codes like a health cheat and not a big complex code.

example of simple:
infinite rupees(zelda phamtom hourglass)
121ba4fe 0000270f

example of complex:
aimbot(metroid prime hunters(the code was to long so i am only going to put part of it))

e2000000 000004c8
e59f0308 e9204ffe
e2400004 e5d03000
e2401004 e5912000
e59f42f4 e1d440b0
e2044008 e3540000
1a000005 e3520001
0a000005 e2833001
e3a02001 e5812000
ea000001 e3a02000
e5812000 e2033003
e5c03000 e3a02ef3
e59f12b8 e5911000
e1510003 0a0000a3
e0000291 e0050293
e59f42a4 e0855004
e0844000 e5948000
e5959000 e0498008
e5949004 e595a004
e04a9009 e594a008
e5953008 e04aa003
e0000898 e0010a9a
e0800001 ef0d0000
e1a01009 e2016102

Step 2: Somthing You Need to Know

I can not stress this enough people, normal codes can not delete your save file!!! it can only do that if your game deletes corrupt files. please check that.

every code that makes up the game gets turned or checked for at a certan time when you play the game. if the codes you made turned on the wrong time in your game, the game will think your save file is corrupt and not load it.

action replay codes are temperly in the fact that you can turn of the system and take out the acion replay and the code will no longer be in effect.

if your game things the save file is corrupt just turn of your system and run the game with out the code on. the game will go back to normal and load your save file.

to have the game load the code at the right time you need to see the next step.

Step 3: Activators

activators are the building blocks of every game. they are simply a line of code that tell the game to do the next line of code when a button is pressed.

this is how you get past the corrupt game problem.

put this line of code at the beginning of your code

94000130 fdff0000

if you put that line of code at the beginning you will see the code only happens if you press L(this is for ds(other system will have to figure out there activators on there own, sorry)

Step 4: The Code Ending

make sure that you end your code with this

d2000000 00000000

it just tells the game that this code ends here and not to combine it with the next code.

Step 5: What You All Have Been Waiting For!

ok so here is the meat of the instructable.

first few steps are for action replay ds only

open notepad

find your newest codelist (it should have the codes you want to edit in it)

open it in notepad

pay not atteaion to the .xml writing and just to the code on it.

(next steps for everyone)

fine the code you want to edit. i will use the code below to give an example
infinite lives(kirby squeak squad)
22261898 00000063

first lets add a activator

94000130 fdff0000
22261898 00000063

lets test the code... oops forgot to add the end.
now lets end it

94000130 fdff0000
22261898 00000063
d2000000 00000000

now lets test... yay it works, i get infinite lives but only when i press L

now lets change the ammount of lives(knowing how to count in hexdecimal will help you greatly)

here are the part of the code to focus on

94000130 fdff0000
22261898 00000063
d2000000 00000000

63 in hexdecimal=99. lets make it 50. 50=32 in hexdecimal.

so the code is

94000130 fdff0000
22261898 00000032
d2000000 00000000

now i still have infinite lives but 50 shows in the box that shows how many lives i have.

thats the basics. this is not limited to basic health cheats. you can use it on any code that is some what simple. just dont change the first 8 digets of the code or it will not work properly. if you change the second part of the code in a different code your results will be different. you might find the place were it changes the item or place the item is put.

i hope this helps! please comment and rate! post sugestions or things to add in the instructable.

happy hacking! :)



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so do you like the instructable?

that was just because it did not have many pictures.

not all codes end in D20000 000000

for example

walk through walls L+B

pokemon platinum(us)

94000130 fefd0000
12060b90 0000e00a
12060bf6 0000e001
12060c94 0000e008

does the l button activator code work for dsi?

I don't see any reason why it wouldn't. It will definitely work in 'DS Mode', I don't know if it will work in 'DSi mode' but I don't imagine you'll be hacking any DSi exclusive games (Are there any?) DSMan195276

if i knew where zeld(the person who made that aimbot that you mentioned) lived i would probably punch him in the face, hacking online mode ruins the game(not saying its only zelds fault)

ya, the aim bot pretty much make it impossible for hackers to lose on wifi. it really stinks to because all they have to do is move, and pretty much nobody can tell it is really happening(though i have learned to be able to tell if someone is using it from how they move.) i only use it in multiplayer because sometimes it is fun to take out the bots in around 30 seconds, but it just makes wifi boring. but, i have to disagree about using all codes on wifi. there are some code that improve the game for everyone(the best one is changing mode of play(like changing it to survive instead of battle). not all hackers are bad :-P