Step 5: What you all have been waiting for!

ok so here is the meat of the instructable.

first few steps are for action replay ds only

open notepad

find your newest codelist (it should have the codes you want to edit in it)

open it in notepad

pay not atteaion to the .xml writing and just to the code on it.

(next steps for everyone)

fine the code you want to edit. i will use the code below to give an example
infinite lives(kirby squeak squad)
22261898 00000063

first lets add a activator

94000130 fdff0000
22261898 00000063

lets test the code... oops forgot to add the end.
now lets end it

94000130 fdff0000
22261898 00000063
d2000000 00000000

now lets test... yay it works, i get infinite lives but only when i press L

now lets change the ammount of lives(knowing how to count in hexdecimal will help you greatly)

here are the part of the code to focus on

94000130 fdff0000
22261898 00000063
d2000000 00000000

63 in hexdecimal=99. lets make it 50. 50=32 in hexdecimal.

so the code is

94000130 fdff0000
22261898 00000032
d2000000 00000000

now i still have infinite lives but 50 shows in the box that shows how many lives i have.

thats the basics. this is not limited to basic health cheats. you can use it on any code that is some what simple. just dont change the first 8 digets of the code or it will not work properly. if you change the second part of the code in a different code your results will be different. you might find the place were it changes the item or place the item is put.

i hope this helps! please comment and rate! post sugestions or things to add in the instructable.

happy hacking! :)

icunningham4 years ago
does the l button activator code work for dsi?
dsman195276 (author)  icunningham4 years ago
I don't see any reason why it wouldn't. It will definitely work in 'DS Mode', I don't know if it will work in 'DSi mode' but I don't imagine you'll be hacking any DSi exclusive games (Are there any?) DSMan195276