How to Edit Action Replay Codes Part Two: Find the Codes





Introduction: How to Edit Action Replay Codes Part Two: Find the Codes

warning: may be illegal depending were you live and laws. we will use roms and emulator. make sure that you have the game and system the emulator and roms are for or it is illegal.

now then. on to the Instructable. please make sure you are familiar with the format of action replay codes and hexdecimal.

in part one of this you learned how to change the back 8 numbers in the code. in this you will learn simple and complex ways to edit the code. the complex way uses emulators and roms and hacking systems so only pros should really attempted complex.

things needed:

action replay(duh)

game system that goes with the action replay(duh)

game to hack

how to count in hexdecimal

have read part one of this instructable

for complex only

emulator and rom for the game

Step 1: NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!

I can NOT tell you were to get comertial roms and emulators! it is illegal and does not need to be talked about here. do not pm me or comment about it i will not respond!

Step 2: Easy Way

so this is the easy way. I stress the word easy as it is only easy if you are familiarly with the format.

anyway, yea you are going to just need the codes here.

lets say this is a code(its not really)

2a3b62c 00000099

OK let pretend that it is a health cheat for a shooting game.
nintendo like most people are orginased. so normal things like number of bullets and health are close to each other(this completely depends and is not true for all games)

so in theory.

2a3b62d 00000099

could be ammo. as you can see i changed the last number by adding one or subtracting one.

you should probely subtract or add 2

Step 3: Complex

OK this is the hard part. it is for finding the first part of the code.

note this assumes that the emulator you are using has a address searcher on it, if it doesent I think you can use a external one(like artmoney or cheat engine)

i recommend that you use "vba"(virtual boy advance(a gba emulator(i can't tell you were to get it). it has a searcher built in to it. the pics are me hacking mario & luigi super star saga rom(again can't tell you were to get it)

first find the amount of the thing your hacking.

as in if you have 100 hp then you search for 100. i have 32 hp so i searched for 32

so do that.

the change the amount as in lose some health. i lost 1 hp.

then search for the new amount. keep doing that until you have like 6 addresses left. then change all the addresses and the amount should change and that gives you the front of the code. the back is just 00000000 with the amount at the end. i had 31 hp left so i searched for 31 and had 2 address left. then i changed the address and that gave me 100 life.



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    i think pikachu thinks its an ABRA

    you said emulators are illegal your using one

    Ok, since I've been arrested for this type of stuff, listen up! Emulators, they are NOT illegal to have, run, or share (Unless the emulator is created as payware, and you didn't pay).

    It is illegal to OWN A ROM..... PERIOD. There isn't any imaginary law that says "If you own the game, you may make as many copies as you like", there was a "law" sony released a while back that attempted to limit the use of music CD's once you've purchased them.... thats about as close as it gets in Northamerica, or Canada.

    Microsoft also allows you to copy windows, since it isn't the disk that is special, but rather your CD key for that version of windows.

    I don't know of a single game maker that allows you to make copies of their games, whether you've purchased them or not. It's part of their intellectual rights, and the rights assigned to the game. There has been a rumor for a while already that once you purchase a game, it's YOURS..... actually you just own the plastic CD it's printed on, you do not own the rights to that data, just because you paid $29.95 for it!! LOL

    This is a prime example of why you don't believe everything you hear, even if you've heard it 1,000 times from 1,000 different people..... before the great explorer's of the world set out, 1,000's thought the world was flat!

    no, emulators are illegal if you do not own the system and game you are hacking.

    also wrong. emulators are always legal. but its illegal to use roms (games) that u dont own.

    Ds man, I am not talking to you, so don't wig out on me. To anyone else out there who reads this, where is a good place to get mods? Please???

    well, even if your not talking to me, if your talking about a place to get roms, then stop. roms are illegal and instructables would have problems if liinks to rom sites were posted here. same thing with emulators.

    dude I'm pretty sure no one from nintendo is reading this. and if they are they are not going to track you,OK? If they did track you 25% of America and Japan's youth would be in jail

    So your basically saying that it's ok to rob a bank if the police aren't around? and Nintendo is not the only people who check for ROMs. the police and others do to. once the ROM site is linked to instructables(by someone posting a like to it) you can track instructables from that site. no one ever has to check instructables.

    Nothing like this should be illegal on the internet. Piracy rules.