Step 6: storing the worms

put your clean worms into your worm bucket, this should have a lid, and be worm friendly, such as having dirt in it, and leaves, basically all a worm could ever want, besides its freedom obviously.
this container should not be the final container you decide to keep the worms in

after a day or so, put all your worms form the worm bucket, into a new one, because over night, the worms may expel any extra soap they absorbed, into the dirt, making them die over time,
just place them into a new container, and that can be where they all stay permanently.

your final container should be filled with compost dirt, not compost goo from the rotten fruits and veges, but the actual dirt from a compost heap. worms will like this, and if you can keep them out of extreme temperatures, they may go on to live in this bucket for months, if they have a food source!

This is awesome, thanks for sharing!
your welcome! <br>by the way, did you check the video? <br>when i looked back at it myself i was somewhat amazed as wel at how quickly the worms come out, i didnt even know they could wriggle out that fast! <br>anyway, if you havent seen it i recomend you do!
Yes, I saw the video, and I was amazed too.
<p>Cool!! Im going fishing soon so i was wondering if i could use this trick for catching trout. Is there a sent of the soap that fish dont like or what?</p><p>Thanks!</p>
<p>I put the worms in a coir based soil (no potting mix) and they stay there happily for some time, i dont use anything same day i catch it, but it works normal.<br>Whatever doesnt come off after the rinse is nothing 2 days in some nice dirt cant fix.<br></p>
Ok so I just did this and it worked! I was skeptical about it working simply because I know not everything works in the same place. We poured soapy water out in the sun and nothing happened. So we tried it again in a shady spot and 20 worms came out almost immediately! We collected half and put it in a jar for our homeschooling project. Thank you!
<p>glad to hear it. My theory now is that it only works where the lawn is rooted deeply and the soil also porous and not at all hydrophobic. The water runs down the root system or simply through the dirt, but in places like that the worms comfortably live close to the surface anyway.</p>
A long time since you posted this, but I like the trick. Thanks. I'll try it out later tonight. Collecting some bait for a trout trip.<br><br>I did see a video from North America where they were using nuts soaked in water in the exact same way. I think they were using black walnuts. Not much use to me being in Australia, but now I've found your alternative!
Hey, people, take care of nature!<br>There is a simple way: put a piece of cardboard on the wet ground, pre-soaking it (if ground is dry). Put a small weight on top, enough to board is not blown away. If it is very hot or windy need to moisten the cardboard on top of watering can. A week later, a cardboard can collect worms. I did so, even in a wet basement. The result is always surprising. Cardboard is much less harmful to the environment and easily rots and is eaten by worms and microorganisms. For fishing you need is not so much the worms (for one fisherman).
<p>Great! Its better than buying stuff</p>
Wow, the youtube video is getting an insane amount of daily views. i checked and this week every day im getting on average 1000 views! <br>However now that the views have exceeded that of the instructable, people dont seem to be actually viewing the instructable when they watch the video.
I know I'm coming in late on this, thank you for the idea, I will try it. <br> <br>How do I play the video
download it , then play in windows media player. <br>It might not open in your browser if you dont have the windows media player browser plugin though. just go -right click -&gt; save target as <br>I think maybe its about time i put this one on youtube. <br>ill do it this afternoon if i have time. <br> <br>also thanks for subscribing. ill be making quite a few new instructables pretty soon!
I've heard that setting a subwoofer playing low tones on the lawn can also make worms come out, but i never tested that.
im afraid your mistaken. its mud or drenched soil that they do that in. <br>i too have never tested it though. ironically i dont use or need worms, not yet anyway, as i said before, theres nothing here to catch with them.<br><br><br>By the way, anyone fishing in a freshwater area can usually get worms from most all the swampy areas (soft and muddy, but no surface water), near freshwater, though dont use too much non biodegradable soaps, as it has the potential to poison these swampy spots
yay! lets say what we are going to do with the worms! im gunna use them as bait
Well good for you! <br>Unfortunately because i live in the damn tropics, i cant use worms for bait, since all fresh water is muddy and full of crocodiles and an hour away or has no fish, and the only fish worth catching there eat other fish which weigh up to a kilo. so unless i catch a mega worm, i cant really use them :( <br> <br>Its like seisha all over again (billions of locust , but no fresh water to use them in)
<br> They are trying not to drown (rather than being filthy soap-dodgers), so you don't need much detergent, if any.<br> <br> L<br>
I have just confirmed that it is the soap that they dont like! And also that human shampoo will kill some of them. <br> <br>after some rain, i sprayed some dog shampoo on a section of lawn, and within a minute the worms started comming out, prooving that unless they were already on their way our after a 2 hour heavy downpour, it was definitely the soap.
ouch indeed! <br> <br>i have no idea on wether or not the human shampoo causes them any pain, but the super crazy squirming that causes them to occasionally leap a few cm into the air seems evidence enough it hurts them. <br> <br>incase anyone is wondering why <br>it may be largely due to the scents and perfumes and scented plan extracts in the shampoo that do this. <br>perticularily citrus oils which are quite powerful and are even used as pesticides. <br> <br>If you plan on fishing with these worms, the fruit oil extracts will never come out of the worms, and will make you unlikely to ever catch anything. <br> <br>use generic brand detergents and shampoos with zero scent additives, although less effective, but will get you nice clean worms for fishing with. <br>
If anyone puts my instructable into practical , aka tries it out, please post your results, as well as the location you tried it in. obviously not your adres, but perhaps a state/city. <br> <br>as for anyone in the northern territory, tropical queensland and nothern western australia. <br> <br>This instructable will definitly work for you. <br> <br>On this last note, i will hereby and hence forth begin using firefox when writtingmy instructables, to avoid any spelling mistakes. <br>which should please some members have been targeting my integrity based entirely on the fact i make spelling and grammar mistakes so much.
i have a tendancy to make alot of spelling errors such as writing from as form, and stuff like that, please let me know if you see any errors like that i have overlooked that may annoy you, and ill fix them straight away. <br>
LOL I think you have a great sense of writing and you shouldn't worry so about what others think :) Thank you for sharing this wonderful 'ible!!!!
are you trying to say its the soap drowning them? or the water? <br>in lots of different sources ive heard theat worms like the detergent, in others it burns them, in a few ive heard it has the same effect oil has on fish, which is thta it coats the parts they use to breath, so they need to get to the surface, anlso ve heard that if the soap sets in the ground, the worms cant move, so they leave the ground and move that way, to avoid getting stuck. now i havent a clue as to which one it is, only that this works, and that its probably because detergent burns them or sensitzes their skin. <br> <br>also, i recomend using natural soaps and detergents, because normal soap and washing detergent, can kill off grass, that requires high acidicy to survive, such as those that prefer to grow in damp conditions.

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