Step 6: Storing the worms

Picture of storing the worms

put your clean worms into your worm bucket, this should have a lid, and be worm friendly, such as having dirt in it, and leaves, basically all a worm could ever want, besides its freedom obviously.
this container should not be the final container you decide to keep the worms in

after a day or so, put all your worms form the worm bucket, into a new one, because over night, the worms may expel any extra soap they absorbed, into the dirt, making them die over time,
just place them into a new container, and that can be where they all stay permanently.

your final container should be filled with compost dirt, not compost goo from the rotten fruits and veges, but the actual dirt from a compost heap. worms will like this, and if you can keep them out of extreme temperatures, they may go on to live in this bucket for months, if they have a food source!