How to "escape" to Another Country





Introduction: How to "escape" to Another Country

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in this instructable i am going to teach you how to "escape" to another country in a small amount of time... sorta

Step 1: Do the Freakin Reaserch!

many vacations go horribly wrong because of one reason. NO ONE DID ANY PLANNING! if you are going to go on a trip make sure to plan carefully. if you do not plan the steps you are going to take you could either have the worst trip in your life or be a victim of theocratic rejection

basically you need to find out which is which, what is what, and what you need


PERSON: hello my fine shop owner, I would like to purchase provisions for my escapade to another country. i happen to have a light headache, what types of pain killers do you have?

MY FINE SHOP OWNER: we have methadone hydrochloride, Paracetamol, and of course Oxycodone

of course i bet if you haven't done your research you would no be able to tell which of these medicine is which

methadone hydrochloride: is a pain killer that not only stops pain, but it can also stop your lungs or slow them enough to suffocate you to death

Oxycodone: an effective pain killer... so effective it is also a very powerful narcotic

Paracetamol: a mild pain killer, while ineffective with inflammation, it will get rid of that headache quickly

so remember the almighty rule for escapes
find out which is which, what is what, and what you need

note: i have no idea why Oxycodone or methadone hydrochloride would be sold in a store, but you can never be too sure

Step 2: Organize

after finding out what you need to buy, you should organize them into different groups.

think of which items will be in which stores. the best way to do this is to think of the different types of stores that they would be in. after you have thought of the stores the items will be in, narrow down the types of stores to go to.


list the items

1. energy bars

2. Paracetamol

3. drinks

4. money (atm)

5. towel (duh)

6. suitcase

7. food

8. extra clothing

9. sunscreen

put these items into groups

grocery store: energy bar, drinks, money (atm), food

pharmacy: energy bars, Paracetamol, drinks, money (atm), food, sunscreen, towel

department store: extra clothing, towel, suitcase

narrow down

pharmacy: energy bars, Paracetamol, drinks, money (atm), food, sunscreen

department store: extra clothing, towel, suitcase


go out and buy you provisions

Step 3: Make a Checklist

make another check to make sure you have all of your items by thinking of all of the things that may be needed. really think about it. make a list and check off all of the things you have. and remember... EVERYONE ALWAYS FORGETS SOMETHING

Step 4: Getting There

I guess your done! WRONG!

how are you going to get to your final destination?

you could pay the actual price... if you want to fly down the street to your neighbors house

plane prices keep going up and are not going down, so if you want to fly cheap you can use a website.

but what about flying free?????

for those of you who are brave enough to actually travel in a foreign country (and are cool enough to use a paper map instead of a wimpy GPS unit - no offense meant to geocachers, i actually plan to sign myself up) you can use a courier service

sign up with which courier service you want and select which flight you want, and to where

all you have to do is lay down a $500 deposit (which you get back upon delivering the package) and deliver a package when you get to the desired area

using these services, you can fly almost anywhere for free

Step 5: Go

choose a destination and fly



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    Dont really get the point of that

    Use to plan your trip!!

    I have a friend that retired to Argentina and I'm looking to do the same.He lives like a king on his US retirement income.

    Got to plan well to keep the tax man at bay.

    I found a huge guide that explains how to protect to assets and get going.

    I travel a lot, and this is the exact opposite of what to do. How much have you traveled?

    7 replies

    you don't organize? plan? buy what you need? travel to the place you want to go? what do you mean?

    THIS! I once went on a road trip in saudi arabia from riyadh to makkah to jeddah to the western provinces to bahrain then back and on the way i thought i'd teach my friend how to drive manual, and my car was used and i haven't replaced the clutch pads in a while, and driving i noticed the clutch wouldn't engage properly so we had to wait 4 and a half hours with 3 other guys in the 35+ heat with nothing but water and pommegranet flavoured non-alcoholic beer.

    Sounds like a good time haha. To me life's all about experiences. Whether you enjoy something or not is all about your perception. I often find out the most about myself in the toughest situations.

    Point. I began Kayaking a few years back. Was anxious to get out somewhere more exciting after a few trips to some local lake/ponds. A few of my friends and I decided to just go down a river one day. We were basically prepared, life jackets, food, water, phones ect. But we soon found ourselves having to quickly adapt (ducking in the kayaks to slip underneath bridges with less than 6in clearance, fallen trees blocking the river, literally every 100-150 meters) for the most part it was above our experience level and out of our comfort zone. I'll admit, at first I was aggravated at the conditions, but eventually I grew to love the challenges that were being presented to me. Would I have came out the same at the other end of the river if the trip were easy? NO WAY!

    Basically I believe we learn through our experiences and discover more of ourselves and the world around us through them. Life is what you make of it.

    That's pretty cool! I mean, I always wanted to go kayaking but never found the time, it's funny though because in during the rainy season, a relative in Mizel, a small village in Saudi Arabia, has a farm and there's a small basin that floods almost instantly with the least amount of rain and it seems like fun except for the fact that it ends in a sheer 10+ foot drop. Also, up there, I meant Eastern provinces, not western provinces, my bad.

    That sounds awesome, haha. You should go for it sometime, its a ton of fun, I live up in Michigan, so 8 months out of the year, there's an abundance of waterways to explore.


    oh... and i have traveled a lot, and this is always what i do. i don't like to go on tours or stuff. if you are saying that you need to go with the flow during a vacation, the i totally agree with you

    hi cool instructable but i didnt catch what services you were talking about that can get you places for next to no money. can you please elaborate? i would really be greatful. tia!

    Planning is essential! My wife and I recently went to Japan (GREAT destination) for a 3 week vacation. We were told that in spite of all train and subways signs being in Japanese and English we could very easily miss our final destination as museum and street signs are typically only in Japanese (this proved to be very true). We researched everything we wanted to see and printed out a very large 3-ring binder with our planned trip, pulling out and disposing of pages every day of the trip. I hated the idea and complained about the book at every opportunity, but I've got to say it was the difference between a good vacation and a GREAT vacation.

    Ha Ha Ha very funny

    lol , hell would be a bad destination. Good instructable

    2 replies

    you havesome pretty good instructables yourself!

    do you have the names of any courier services that would be open to this kind of thing?

    2 replies