How to Etch Into Plexi Glass





Introduction: How to Etch Into Plexi Glass

I made a tutorial on how to light up etches but not how to do the actual etching itself. I will have a few tie ins on how to light it up but if you want more info on how to light it up check out my other tutorial.

Step 1: Design

get a design I used the thundercats logo. then blew it up by drawing it myself!! then taped it to the piece of plexi glass. then I hand etched it using an cordless dremel tool. when etching alway try to go down and left this will get a cleaner and deeper cut. notice in the picture the logo in backwards?! this is because I want the cut into half on the back so when flipped around the logo is the right way.

Step 2: Cleaning Up

now that the etching is done time to make the plexi glass look as good as possible to do this you will need WARM not hot water, rubbing alcohol, windex, dish soap, and simple green (not needed but this stuff is awesome!!) make sure that the protective plastic coat is taken off. as mentioned before make sure the water is warm not hot, if the water is to hot you will end up warping the plexi glass. now mix all those thinks in a big bowl the quantities aren't that important. now soak the plexi glass in you concoction of cleaners. get a rag and star rubbing both sides of the plexi glass after you think you have the plexi clean do a gentle rinse down with first warm then cold water.after that take some paper towels and lay them down then on top of that more paper towels and dry it off.

Step 3: Tie in With Other Tutorial

read up on the other tutorial to gain a better understanding of how -to all I did was slide the plexi in the pvc and glued it then put the light in and glued it on both sides then glued the circuit board on top.



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We need more Thundercats on here, why am I only finding this now! Did a similar thing with Spiderman recently, but loving the Thundercats :)

Great work, I have been in the sign industry for 25 years, and making these things for years, but instead of using a standard dremal tool try a dremal tool marking etcher it does not spin the bit it reciprocates in and out. Just dont press very hard and break the plex. I've found that 1/4" plex accepts the tool very well, without breakage, and recieves the lighting very good. I always used leds, 1 for every inch of lenght across the bottom of plex. I will follow and post some of my pictures soon. Still a great job!!!

dude!you have the same exact ingraving tool as me!!!!lol

Now I'm wishing I had one of those mouses that work on glass/acrylic to make an awesome mouse pad ;)

Nice job, I modded my cheapo tape measure with a Thundercats logo. I figured that Panthor must have have had a tape measure when working on all those crazy machines of his.


na na na na na na na, thunder cats are loose!!!

As a general rule, mixing a "concoction of cleaners" is usually a bad idea unless you know what you're doing. An unexpected cloud of toxic fumes can ruin your weekend. That Thundercats logo looks pretty tight, though.

well I've used that "concoction" before so thats why I put it in the tutorial BECAUSE i know that its safe!!

Now don't take this the wrong way, but you really shouldn't mix household chemical cleaners.. And I'm not saying your "concoction" doesn't work but, lots of household cleaners contain chemicals which will attack and damage acrylic plastic, whether it's hazing, pitting, scratching, cracking, discoloring, etc. (( And Windex is one of them that will affect and, haze acrylic over time )) For cleaning acrylic plastic just use warm / hot water and T.S.P. ((Tri-Sodium Phosphate (( it's in the paint section at wal-mart and most hardware stores, A box of TSP is also cheaper then a bottle of windex and it will make gallons of cleaner once mixed )) Just read the directions on the box, for glass cleaner, toss on some gloves and it'll clean Acrylic glass, Plexiglass, Lexan, Luicite, etc great.. Works good on walls and windows as well.. And if you have one of those microfiber clothes they work the best with this solution, but any clean rag will work..

wow I didn't know that!! great advice.