Picture of how to fend off the up comming zombie attack
theirs no stopping the upcomming apocalypse that is known a u-day a.k.a undead day. now you can board up your house an wait till its over, or you can get up and kill those zombies, so are you gonna hide or grab a 10 gauge and blast some skulls, its your choice?

Step 1: Day uno a.k.a day one

Picture of day uno a.k.a day one
it all starts here a news flash shows up on your favorite tv show it yells "A dangerous virus has been unleashed to the world it causes dead bodies to come to life." Now you think it will be okay the army will come and save us ,but then you listen closer they say your city will be enclosed with electric fences ,now you panic and now the game begins.
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glen.ryerson.111 months ago

You really need to learn to spell. It will be a crucial skill for surviving the zombie apocalypse.

Subdood1 year ago

Totally agree. Hobo joe has the power to kill zombies with emptie booze bottle

THose knives will get stuck in the skull and you need real food not chips and soda
ripvanwidow2 years ago
Judging by how professional that car looks I'm gonna go ahead and say that it probably doesn't need bars on the windows because they are plexiglass, bullet proof and used on S.W.A.T. Vehicles (Which also have no bars on the windows btw)
Plo Koon2 years ago
you dont want 2 use fire or fire grenades on zombies that just makes them walking bonfires to burn other stuff and also puts virus in2 air. then ur dead
Zombie survival haha as if i need it i can KILL 70% of people with my bare hands
16kuokhc13 years ago
Hope this works! (BOOM)
16kuokhc13 years ago
This looks like the bat mobile! (a good thing)
16kuokhc13 years ago
Obviously the weather doesn't change, just the next time you see the sun after a zombie attack, you would be reminded of zombies!
go to your local hardware store, grab everything iron & wood, make a fortress out of it ( maybe climb up the shelves by using a forklift), grab the stuff to make a potatogun ( as much as u can).
The second thing you will do is instead of u fire potato's , u fire isolationtape-balls with nails stuck to em, TALKIN BOUT NAILS, Nailgun!!...
They also have a nice selection of chainsaws and drills for is they get too close.
The saws on-a-stick used for cutting branches high up in the trees can also do good damage?
Throw heavy stuff like cement down from your shelve if you are up @ one, cus theres PLENTY of cement in my local hardware store.
ofcourse remove the forklift when everybody is up in the shelves, and u might also want to have some cementbags on the pipes tht make ur shelve go up-hi-in-the-sky so the zombies cant flip it over easily.
Make sure people get to know what the problem is and where you are, by using a radio transmitter?
U can ALSOOO put steelwool on a electric wire, and make sure the wire explodes at some places, so the steelwool ignites and WHOOOSH>..
and so i can go on for hours since i did NOT at ALL tel u the 10000000 br00tal ways to kill zombies yet....
i got a wild imagination right lol?
i found your comment rather amusing and yes you have a wild imagination. i do have to say, for the benefit of everyone else, forget about the chainsaw. its too loud, too heavy, it cuts slow and throws flesh and blood everywhere. *infected* flesh and blood no less. not to mention where are you going to carry fuel? best thing to kill them with hand to hand wise, for example, is a simple 32 oz ballpein hammer. or if you or anyone else has any tool working exp, replace the handle with a mod'ed 2 ft sledge hammer handle. better reach and more power to the swing. not any different then the english war hammer.

with a moderate blow you can crack open a coconut which is about like the human skull. a nail gun wont do much either since it wont do enough damage. why do you think theres so many ppl who survive getting shot with them. forget about machetes either unless its heavy enough to slice off their head cus all its going to do to the skull is get stuck.

main problem with your idea there is creating a fortress among it all. you have no idea how long its going to last so you want to get the hell out before you get stuck in a place where youre gonna starve/die of thirst.
you would only have to survive a few years the virus would eventually consume the bodiesleaving a bunch of dead bodies lying around
This would be a great vehicle for a zombie apocalypse. However, the windows in TIV 2 are all bullet-resistant 1 5/8-inch interlayered polycarbonate sheets and tempered glass.
Boppo34 years ago
That is, if you have a welder in your garage... along with metal sheets and bars
Boppo34 years ago
no kniives are not going to be your preferred choice because they are short and the zombie WILL be (not surprisingly) able to claw at you even when you have the entire blade sunk deep into the zombie's stomach. I suggest a spear or a sword. But the best weapon you can have, a silenced SMG fitted with extra ammunition with an etended bayonet JUST in case you get surprised. Feel unsafe? get armor. steel ones work best.
Boppo34 years ago
no you don't bring a marine along because he can make weapons. He can't make weapons. That's a gunsmith's job. Bring him along because he knows how to use the weapons and how to securely fortify your house from brain-eating zombies
An Villain5 years ago


no it is not It's a molotov cocktail ,a pipe bomb needs A PIPE
clearly not a molotov cocktail either. it's just a homemade fragmentation grenade, which might break when you throw it incidentally it looks like.

man, the people like you who think this is a game are going to be the first to die when it happens, then i have more zombies to deal with...
thank you
Shut the *^&*%&^%$%^* up
I didn't know they made swear words that long.
neither did i.
shikaku4 years ago
with the needle, just put it over your gas grill, sanitize it. like you would before trying to remove a splinter.

beef jerky, not a preserved food, however delicious it is.

charcoal is unnecessary if you have a gas grill, however, everything tastes so much better cooking on charcoal. however, gas is the way to go, charcoal you can small from too far away to be safely using it.

An Villain5 years ago
Louis is a constructer? I thought he was a tech support guy.
he is, idk what this kid is talking about.

however, you don't need an electrician. i've known since i was 11 how to wire an entire house. just pick up a book about it, it's not hard stuff
that bomb is charlie brown
An Villain5 years ago
Whoo! Bumper Cars!
What is with your idiotic comments
Alirocks15 years ago
I dont think thats smart to hold in your house.
Zombies can get easily in it and you are stuck when they arrive.

Its better to keep moving to other places like the forest it scares **** out of evryone but its the best.

BTW: The best time to move i at night now im even more **** scared...
But i dont think there will be something like a apocalypse.
no its not, move during the day for visability reasons

also have your guns with you when it happens you most likly won't find more guns at stores 
and depending on your house type its not to bad of an idea

 heres a site that takes a logical (mayby overconcerned but) aproach to surviving a zombie attack.
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