Step 4: Drill Hole Through the Peg

now, using the place where you dremeled the peg as a guide, drill a hole as big as your bolt through the casing. you have to drill through both sides of the casing (upper and lower).
is the camera on the psp already, or is it just some other camera? (sorry I'm kinda a noob)
It's a camera that attaches via usb. it costs about fifty dollars to buy one. I actually need to update this, I only made a workaround, not a fix....
<p>I understand this is an old comment but damn. :O that cost back then for a 480p camera. I got mine for like 4.99 without all the fees.</p>
couldnt u get the ps2 camera and convert in to a 5 port
how would you convert it to a 5 port?
cut the wire and put the psp usb cable input fot it
its just a thought never tried it
wait.. I misunderstood what you meant. the psp camera has a few extra prongs that are needed. I think they tell the psp that it's a legit camera. oh well.
Great job posting an instructable after asking a question on how to fix it! Great effort!
wow good instructable if my psp camera brakes I know were to look
yeah. I think it happened because I had my camera on my psp 24/7, even in my pocket.

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