Introduction: How to Fix a Splitting Belt

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My father always says "buy cheap, buy often" but my alternative saying is "Buy cheap, fix often". I have had this belt for over a year, and I've use it everyday. and I really didn't want to say R.I.P. just yet so I planed to fix it. here is a way to easily fix any belt with this specific problem.

Step 1: Supplies

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All that is needed i to pieces of scrap wood, wood clams, epoxy, and a Popsicle stick to mix the epoxy. the reason for the wood is so you apply the same amount of force to each side.

Step 2: Mix It Up (my Renderation to Bob Marley's "stir It Up")

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but anyways mix the epoxy up on the surface of something. ( I used the back of the clamp's packaging)
then apply to newly mixed glue to the inside of the 2 belt pieces. try to get as close to the edge to where it starts to peel as possible. Give the MAIN side a evenly spread of epoxy. Make sure NOT to fill in any holes! Then gently lay the feltish side down so the holes match the Main piece.

Step 3: The Wood

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now take one piece of wood and rest the belt (together) on it. then cover the other piece of wood and lay it on top of the belt and other piece of wood the take your clamp and clamp the middle of it with the bigger clamp then attach the other smaller clamps in various places. then let it set for a few hours or so.

Step 4: Finished

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soon you will have fixed belt. I fixed my belt 5min. before I posted in on this site so I really don't have a "finished product" to show but I do have my original belt's brother and I also wanted to show off what star wars fan I am and show more of my belt buckles. :)


kmathes (author)2015-06-01

I am concerned that epoxy would be too stiff or brittle after curing. I've seen Gorilla Glue recommended, but it swells up. Someone said leather glue didn't work well in her case. Martha Stewart supposedly recommended all-purpose glue.

pamelaliegh (author)2011-10-28

great answer. I'm trying It tomorrow :-)

pamelaliegh (author)2011-10-28

great answer.. I'm trying it :-)

what exactly does that mean? (any benefits?)

The benefits are that when an instructable is part of a group it is generally viewed by more people.


Of course it would be better if more people joined the group and got others to join as well.

masterochicken (author)2008-06-17

My belt is too awesome for this to happen. Full grain leather. Nice and thick.

if you love it so much post a pic of you show'n it off!!!

Laziness mostly. Maybe I will get to that though.

Please excuse the poor quality. I had to use my phone. Here's my buckles too.

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