How to fix "could not restore" itunes error

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after much web-scouring, apple contacting and information gathering, I have finally distilled the very essence of restoring your ipod when itunes says it cannot be done. I have already written instructions to this so that I would not forget how to do this even if I got amnesia, so I shall not post an entire instructable. you can download ipod software at

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Step 1: How to do it...

Picture of how to do it...

oh right.
step 1: download the appropriate software for your ipod. it should be a few versions older than the latest one.

step 2: plug in your ipod and open the latest version of itunes. it will tell you to restore your ipod.

step 3: hold down shift and click restore. it will open a box. select your older software from wherever you saved it to.

step 4: it will restore your ipod and then say that it failed. not sure why it does this. unplug your ipod and then plug it back in.

step 5: click update.

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black hole2 years ago
Why not just just punch it? Works with my CD player when it won't play. = )
One. (author)  black hole2 years ago
Oh! I forgot to mention that. I'll put it in the instructable immediately!
black hole One.2 years ago
Yes, how silly of you.