How to Flick a Gatorade Cap





Introduction: How to Flick a Gatorade Cap

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This is a very simple instructable that is relatively fun, but the only reason I'm even bothering to post this is because so many people ask me how I do it. Alright, let's get started.

Step 1: Get a Gatorade Cap

Yeah, just get a gatorade cap.

Step 2: Now Hold It Like This

Yeah, hold it like this.

Step 3: Aim It, Then Flick It.

Yeah, just aim it, then use your middle finger to flick it as hard as you can, while thrusting your arm forward.

I told you this was a simple instructable... I don't know why so many people ask me how to do this.

Try doing this at school, and have it land in the trash can, or see who's goes the furthest, or hit that poster with Einstien on it. Or maybe the teacher.

After a while of doing this, your middle finger may hurt.



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    any way to improve the caps (like adding dents for a golf-ball like effect) or something like that to make it go farther?

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    Anorher cool thing is going around corners by flicking with a slant and up wards when it comes down it starts to tilt straight and gains momentum to keep flying

    I got skilz you could flick it into the wind or off a cliff with a updraft make it fly 20 ft upwards and it comes shooting rite back at u . Or u could smack your co workers in the back f the head from 30 ft away

    This DOES have more info than the link that you posted.

    Yeah... That's right! it is gatorade! Thanks I'll change that now. Be sure to see all of my instructables. I'm making like one-a-day.

    one a day... You only have 2 :(

    Oh, wow... That's really impressive!

    I've only made a few, mostly because they're all pretty involved.
    I'll be sure to check 'em all out!

    Oh, and you're welcome =)

    Ohhh..... My stupid camera won't work over here at my dad's house, but when I'm over at my mom's on Wednesday... I've got a bunch of instructables like: How to make a battery, How to make a tree house, a go-kart, a bunch of good paper airplanes, how to tie 5 different knots, how to make a bow and arrow, how to make timers, tripwires and pressure plates! How to make crystals, how to juggle.... Shall I continue? Of course, I'll need to get the pictures first...

    Nice Instructable, I do this all the time in school! One quick suggestion, I believe the drink is called "Gatorade", not "Gatoraid"

    this is so stupid and pointless but so fun. =)

    poor inrtuctable, poooooor. whats next? how to toss a poker card? Im sure you can do better ;) , hehe

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    I don't care if it's poor. Like I said, a lot of people ask me how to do this, and rather than explaining it to them, I'll just say "go find it on instructables." Oh well, my other instructable is pretty cool.

    Oasis caps work great for this too.

    Some jerks at school take the little "ratchet" collar that the cap is orginaly connected to before you open the drink, flip them inside out, and stick them on the cap. Because of the spikes on the collar, when they swipe you with them, it leaves you with a good little scratch! Ouch! :(

    ahh! Also my friend can do this with pennies!! He can do them so freakin fast it hurts!!! cool instructable!

    "Or maybe the teacher."