Introduction: How to Fold a T-shirt in 2 Seconds !!!

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!!! How to fold a T-shirt in 2 seconds

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Why folding clothes is so important ??

Because it makes your Cupboard looks tidy from inside, and easier to wear your clothes.

Some people can't wear nicely even if they have a nice collection of clothes

Because of the mess in cupboard.

What's the point of this project ??

It's for an easy and fast way to organize your clothes.

Most of people can't fold clothes very well, so I'm going to tell you about a thing that you should do to make folding easier and faster and makes your cupboard looks nice.   

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At first you should bring some things for doing easy folding:

1-    cardboard (for take some parts from it ) 

2-   cutter (for cut the parts of the cardboard) 

3-   for the Determine on cardboard) pen

4-  ruler (for measureing the cardboard parts)

5-   Adhesive tape (to paste the cardboard part's togther) 




Step 3:

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Then you need to cut 4 Piece different sizes:


The two Rectangle is [ 60 X 23] [Length X width]


The big board is [50 X 70] [Length X width]


The small piece is [ 36 X 25]  [Length X width]


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You take the cutter, and cut the cardboard from bottom.

Step 5:

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 You have take sizes of the cardboard parts very Carefully.

Step 6:

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Then you take the tow Rectangle, and post them on the big cardboard.

Step 7:

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Make sure you post them from both sides.

Step 8:

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Then you post the small piece in the middle. from both sides as well. 

Step 9:

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And this is the final form.

Step 10: How to Use It

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Put the T-shirt above the cardboard.

Step 11:

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Then fold it from the right.

Step 12:

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Then from the left.

Step 13:

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Subsequently fold it from the middle.

Step 14:

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Finally you have this form.

Step 15:

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Thank you teacher micah.


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