How to Fool Your Parents





Introduction: How to Fool Your Parents

so i am a major pracrasinator and when im supposed to be doing my homework im usualy on either this or some other website. because of this my parents have learned to check the start tray thing for minimized programs. i will describe how to make it appear that there are no programs minimized

Step 1: Make a Screen Shot

press ctrl+alt+prntscrn
on my laptop it was fn+insert
when you do this the screen will be put as a picture in the paste thing
remember you want a shot of the desktop with no progams open or in the tray

(your's should have the startbar thing at the botom, mine did before i loaded it and doesn't now for some reason)

Step 2: Open Power Point

pretty self explanitory

Step 3: Paste Screenshot

paste your screenshot on the slide and adjust the image size to fit in the slide so that it is all you see when the slide is full screen

Step 4: Put in Full Screen

go to the slideshow menu and go down and click on veiw show or click on the button with a picture of a screen on it (see the picture)or just press F7

Step 5: Minimize

to get to your other progam from full screen press the start button and your start panel thing with all your programs will popup to get back to the empty task bar click on the bar that says "power point slide show" or in my case "power point slide sho"



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    Robodud If that is the best English you can come up with, unless you are from Albania, I'd suggest just doing your homework or learn to say "Want Fries with that?"

    your task bar looks weird, like the stock XP look

    hes probably running xp...

    it looks like someone took a dump on his desktop

    did you seriously not know that people still use xp? its more popular than vista. and your right, I hate the xp look. but its fun to look around and find where they make graphical errors (I notice those things, even the slightest ones, because I use photoshop daily) try looking at the bottom right edge of the start button - the edge is drawn badly :)

    no the stupid old windows xp Style not the operating system

    oh you mean regular xp, not media center xp. standard xp is styled like that, while media center is the obvious transition to vista-like graphics.

    do you see the bar at the bottom. the one with the start button, the little button that says start with the bar that goes all the way to the other end of the screen? so you not see that it is green instead of a different color? the plain windows XP stle, not the operating system in anyway just the style

    oh I see what youre trying to say now. yeah, its just default xp. I've seen most xp computers don't have custom or downloaded themes (although many still do)