I found a site that alows you to get free stuff by particapating in survays and other things. I will show you how you can get your free items and i will tell you what your dooing and what it is.

To start off the site gets payed for having people take survays so thay attracet people by using a point system. what the point system is, is when you comlpete an offer wether its a survay ot trying somthing, they give you points ontop of what was offered in the survay/premotion. with the points you can get items like ipods, videogames and other items.

I joined this site on june 17,2008 and i will update my results periodicaly but theres ar them as of:

june 29, 2008
Current Points 5.65
Points Redeemed 0
Offers Completed 9
Offer Earnings 5.65
Number of Referrals 0
Referral Earnings 0
Lifetime Earnings 5.65

I hope this acts as proof that it works well. I will also display a picture of my most recent prize receved.

Step 1: how you can sign up

The sight i use is rewards1

Im going to give you two links to the sight

This one will bring you to the signup page and if you signup i will receve 20% of what you make. that means if you do 20points worth the offers i will receve 4 points. I do not take any points from you I just get a bounus for referring some one to the sight that participates. Clicking this link will help me.

This link brings you to the home page and i will not reseave any points. This is just the standered link and i will not receve any thing so you can choose wether or not you want to help me.

so now that you have the links signup but don't do any offers come back here and read the other steps.


do you still use this site?
not realy its great if your never busy like summers but i have school now and i have been meening to remove it but it says its in a contest so i cant
dont remove it b/c its prtty cool

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