How to Get Into the Coke Machines Menu





Introduction: How to Get Into the Coke Machines Menu

Hey, this is my first instructable so i might mess up.

Step 1: First.....

First off this instructable is for educational purposes only.
So first find a coke machine or a drink machine that sells coke.Make sure no-one is around.

Step 2: The Keys

The keys for this step are:In this order 4,2,3,1 and then a menu pops up.they can say different things according to the machine.But most of them have four menus:cash,sale,rtn(return) and menu.Now to change the menus around push the second or third button and to get out of the menu go to rtn(return) and push the four buttons.



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    What do you mean by '6(20x) 4 twice' ?

    ahahah its like when people find hacks for games and youre supposed to hit thouhsands of buttons to gt something simple and stupid like a free life :P

    Derek was being a funny funny person... lol

    if u mess with it for a bit it gave me a free coke

    1 reply

    holly crap im new but dude  when u  find out how to get the free  pop  can u post it for us

    lol removed for terms of violation broken lol!

    this does work, but you can't hack anything from it, it's used by the managers to see if anything bad's happened that day. but if you want to see how to actually get money from it, see my instructable on coke machines

    1 reply

    what keys are you talking about. the video is gone so i have no idea where these keys are. could you please tell me?

    1 reply

    the keys from top to bottom that list the cokes like coka-cola, sprite, etc.

    it dont work

    I bought a generic soft drink (not coke) machine to make some extra cash. When I put the change in it just falls back out. Anybody know how to make the change stay in? thanks.

    so can u select cash by going to it in the menu and pressing 4231? (not saying I do) lol

    hey i don't get this... Like i get how to do it but i don't see the point what is this meant to do? And does anyone know how to get a free coke or something? thanks if u could tell me what it does quickly i would greatly appreciate it, thanks!

    it works but you cant really do much after that

    The title was actually supposed to be called how to hack into the menu of a coke machine.

    1 reply

    ure name is familiar :) have i seen u on another forum?

    does it work? have you done it?