How to Get Music From ALMOST ANY( Haha) Website ( As Long As You Can Hear It You Can Get It... Ok Fine If It Is Embeded in Flash You Might Not Be Able To) EDITED!!!!! Added Info


Introduction: How to Get Music From ALMOST ANY( Haha) Website ( As Long As You Can Hear It You Can Get It... Ok Fine If It Is Embeded in Flash You Might Not Be Able To) EDITED!!!!! Added Info

if you ever go to a website and it plays a song that you like and want it then here is the instructable for you

not my fault if you mess something up ( only way it will happen is if you start deleting stuff for no reason)

ive been able to get music fom myspace,,, there are alot of places... i have been looking for ringtones on all of those online places that send them to your phone and they all apear in the file described.


C:\Documents and Settings\(your username here)\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles

ok here is an awesome program that will help you get anything you want from anywhere

Step 1: Open Your "MY DOCUMENTS" Folder

open your "my documents" folder and do what the below picture explains... click that button

after that click the "tools" menu in the menu bar and click "folder options"

Step 2: Open "folder Options"

after opening the folder options you will get what is shown in the picture.
you then click the "view" tab

Step 3: Step 3

make sure the "show hidden files and folders" bubble is filled.

then click "apply to all folders" and click "ok"
a diolog box might show up asking if this is ok.. click "ok" or yes.
the following additions to your folders will be apperent "local settings"( used in next step so locate it now) and "user data"

Step 4: Step 4....

open "local settings" folder and within there there is a folder called "temporary internet files" and in there there are all the pictures, html files, music files and video files you have listened to, watched, all the sights youve been to, and pictures you have seen.

copy the file from there to where ever you want it ( the file will bring you to the website it is from if you try to open it from there)



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    i use a webpage call TubeRipper just paste the URL and click on Download. Fast and easy

    couldnt you just get a cable that has a 3.5mm end on each side(from external speakers) and put it in the speaker out to mic in and record?

    3 replies

    even still, the recording would come out a little scratchy because even though the metals used in the cables are good conductors, they arent perfect. Several programs like audacity can record directly off the computer without cables

    o ok. personally i haven't tried this because i heard that if you plug it into the wrong port you could fry your sound card.

    Oh, I forgot. I wouldn't do that because on the microphone jack gets electricity from the computer. So essential something like this has a possibility of happening. I wouldn't plug anything into the microphone slot that has its own current unless it says on the box that it can

    Props for all your hard work, but can I just say that if you use AUDIOGRABBER you can just record ANY and ALL sounds coming from your pc, whether they be from videos, flash, streaming music, in game, etc etc etc.. and all it takes is one simple click

    I probably sound like a total noob right now.... but can you explain to me again what to do with the various items in temp. files? the instructable didn't help me there. what I mean is can I take the vids and drop them into my videos on windows media player?

    With Firefox I get file names like 63B98C0Fd01 and no file extension. Yes, my file extensions normally show. The file size is a give-away as to which files are which, but that doesn't tell me if the file is an .mp3 or a .wma. I tried opening what apparently is a .wma file with Windows Media Player but it did not play it. Audacity will not play a .wma file directly.

    2 replies

    i have done this before. you open that with firefox, and then it asks you what you want to open it with, then you chose WMP

    i have no clue... maybe someone ele will know what to do... the only thing i could say is use IE.. i

    possably btu i have not tried it ..

    It would be in a slightly different directory.

    (i think)

    i think this is it ( i got it from the microsoft website) i hav ent tried it and i dont think you will see ALL of them but here you go To view temporary Internet files 1. Open Internet Explorer by clicking the Start button , and then clicking Internet Explorer. 2. Click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options. 3. Click the General tab, and then, under Browsing history, click Settings. 4. In the Settings dialog box, click View files.

    This is great thx. Anyone know where i can get free videos so i can burn them?

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    you can get a p2p program like Shareaza ( i say it is a really good program... it can get any download like *.torremt files edonkey magnet files, anything) or bittorent ( not good) frostwire or limewire( shareaza handles these networks aswell). i would go for shareaza.. it lets you control the most

    can you use Napster?

    For some reason, when I tried it, in the Local Settings folder, I only get Application Data, Apps, and Temp (not temporary internet files- just "Temp") I've checked all three, and neither of them seem to have any sort of music files (I was listening to Pandora). I have followed your instructions exactly, ( and have retried several times), but no results. Do you know what might be wrong?

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    yuo must make all hidden files and folders visible... do it from the begining again..