How to Get Over a Fence Ninja Style





Introduction: How to Get Over a Fence Ninja Style

just a way to get over a fence ninja style

Step 1: Run

just start with a running start

Step 2: Jump

now jump on to the bigger fence

Step 3: Stand

now stand on the short fence

Step 4: Jump Off

now just jump off the fence

Step 5: Walk

just walk away

Step 6: Thanks

my cousin Travis told me how to i just made it instead of him



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    blah sorry for double posting but... i gotta saym props for climbing a fence with flippy floppys... thats... you know what, nevermind

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    Ninja style, duh!

    uh, i see how this would be useful for a tall fence, but could you not just jump over the short fence?

    i say use the opening to walk through

     What if there isn't a short fence?  What it  it's a huge tall fence? or a wall?  How would I traverse those?

    i can flip over fences.. put your hip the the bar on the top and just pivot over it from your hips. make a half turn on your way down if your not that great at front hand springs, turn in the right direction and book it haha :)

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    so can i

    I actually can do this. It's not that hard. And it's not called Gym-nice-tics =D

    Just blow up the fence! And although it isn't that secretive, NOBODY will mess with the dude with C4.

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    lol wut about just nuking it nobody will be alive to mess wit u

    What if there is no taller fence? Just climb over. Quieter and easier. Especially in tabi. If you think this is ninja style go back inside and watch Naruto.

    I have two points to make A: Ninjas are fast, and with the picture this could have taken you 20 minutes, there is no way to prove it, and B: a ninja most certainly not have been caught by a camera.

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    make a video

    My mistake. I didn't see the video there. but i still don't think a ninja would have been caught by a video or still camera alike.

    i did it slower than normal so it could be caught on camera

    Ummmmm. right what