Picture of how to get past your school's blocker
I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT YOU DO WITH THIS INFORMATION. This is how you can get past your school's blocker

Step 1: What is a proxy?

Picture of what is a proxy?
a proxy is something that a server will run through and when it runs through it you can make it point to another website, and the creepy guy is nothing, i just wanted to put a pic on here
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fishydish1 year ago
arashina2 years ago
what is the ping,and ip whatevers?
askned2 years ago
If you want a filter you cannot bypass then try http:// www.wisechoice.net   . It blocks the anonymisers and if you try to erase the software from the computer then you will knock yourself off the net until the software is re-installed and reconstructed...Yep-no more porn for you kiddies!
imdominikhi2 years ago
I need to get onto tumblr at school, 'https' does not work, and all the proxy websites are blocked. please help me <3
kraig92 years ago
You didn't get this from me... *Looks around to make sure teachers aren't close, then whispers:* All you have to do is instead of using http:// use https:// . The CIPA at my school doesn't block ANY website when you use this. All this does is change it from "Hyper text transfer protocol" to "Hyper text transfer protocol- secure." Have fun playing RS or youtubin or whatever =D
spaez12 years ago
On some older blocks you can go to google translate and translate the website to another language and copy and paste it into the browser. It works at my school.
I KNOW EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
noxluna2 years ago
So I would have to disagree; for true freedom of information, we need to teach people how to get past these opressive regulations.
Feartheyeti2 years ago
Our school is using iPads.....how do I get past the ssl filter
how do you get pasted the cipa filter
i wanna get past this safty system called Edgewave iprism or what ever i wanna get on runescape and all my friends do to can you please help me out.

what web site can i get on to get on facebook sumbody tell me plz
how can we get on facebook and youtube on school computers, at home
i know you comment is pretty old now but you need to find a way to delete your schools filter my schools is blue coat, that's what blocks the sites at home.
if you find a way to delete blue coat it will not unblock the sites at school it will only unblock the sites at home because at school it goes through the DET filter (well it does at my school anyway)
the only possible way i found to delete blue coat was to make yourself an administrator its kind of hard to explain how to do it in words but idk ask around at your school see if anyone knows anything, or search around on the web the friend i learnt it off found it on a site somewhere he said....
has anyone found out?
and what school do you go to? because my school uses bluecoat, i found 2 ways to unblock websites 1 is where you disable the proxy in device manager and the other is change block to allow in the config file in thje bluecoat root folder.
listen everyone there is one website that everyone can use to unlock any websites that are blocked from school here readfy if u type in google and then in googles tool bar type security tales.com and u can get a free trial everyday and its only 15miins long u can get longer if u sign up !!! goodluke i use it everyday in school!!!!!!!!
henrypoo3 years ago
does anyone know how to get past k9?
Floy4223 years ago enjoy.
this didn't work
Yes it does you just didn't enter it in right.

You can also try


instead of

mate...its blocked >>
adi43 years ago
While I agree that at times, you may need to unblock and get past certain addresses, it certainly makes no sense to work out ways to bypass security like that. I have a program called Qustodio from http://www.qustodio.com installed at home and I would hate to see my kids working out ways to get past its parental control abilities (its difficult if not impossible, though). These programs do serve a great purpose and there is no reason why anyone should teach disabling/unblocking such regulations.
iamcoolyo3 years ago
for those who are trying to do whatever and its blocked try to download opera which is a web browser and then try all those tricks that the other people tryed to tell u to do like the s after the http or going to proxies for some reason opera is not as strongly restricted like most of the other browsers im not saying that it is your cure but it will help and like most of yall know when hacking any good security u need all the help you can get
LilDeno3 years ago
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jjxred45123 years ago
to get past some blockers you can use google translate change the settings to "from chinnese to english" and type in the EXACT web address then click translate. (note: depending on how advanced the web site is vary's the effectiveness
Ok for all you guys at Instructables Im willing to put myself on the line so i can help you with this. I'll be posting comments regularly when I find new ways to get to sites. The first, https, NOT http, will only help for facebook. When trying to get onto youtube, i can access the site, but not the videos. I get a message that says,"An error occured, Please try again. Thats all for now.
log on to youtube it will then give you the videos :)
hey the thing is not loading
dookie7915 years ago
Hi, my school has the latest version of leopard on macs. Mr.Latner, the guy who maintains the WEBWAHERS is not dumb. He has gotten rid of fire fox because of the https thing you could do. He also blocked the google web cache, so thats out of the question. Ping is also out of the question, as certain applications have been locked, such as netword utilities. Web proxies don't word either. Say, you use a proxy for youtube. Guess what? your on there but the videos don't load. The computer's web washer are programmed in, so no hope there. BTW, our school uses Diginet. Downloads can be done, but there is a .plist that lists all the authorized applications. It is protected. I am a wiz at computers, but i bow down to Mr.Latner
hey bro, put a keylogger on the Staff comps, and then use their accounts, unless your school has CCTV, lol. Also, there is a great article about lockpicking, if u can find the schools "main" LAN server connection.
what fire fox thing r u taling about wat do i have to do?
Floy4223 years ago
Guys the easier way,

Enter in URL you want to go to in the box.

If that doesn't work try

These always work if they do not then there is two reasons, your school blocks everything meaning they block Yahoo, Google , EVERYTHING. Or they have a ssl filter which blocks the https:// trick.

Thank you.

"Making anon a reality."
camer03 years ago
1. You can do https:// instead of http://

2. You dont put in the www. (Ex: http://ninjakiwi.com
eegrlić3 years ago
Use some proxies from http://daproxy.net or http://proxy-zone.net , very good proxies there
does not work
jlaw63 years ago
One way I found out was http://fbook101.my3gb.com/index.html. I only tried it once but that was like a month ago. With the way facebook is updating constantly there's no telling whatll happen. jacobglaw@hotmail.com let me know if it works for you.
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