Picture of how to get past your school's blocker
I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT YOU DO WITH THIS INFORMATION. This is how you can get past your school's blocker
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Step 1: What is a proxy?

Picture of what is a proxy?
a proxy is something that a server will run through and when it runs through it you can make it point to another website, and the creepy guy is nothing, i just wanted to put a pic on here

Step 2: Sneaky web proxies

Picture of sneaky web proxies
These are web proxies, they are the ones that route the ip address for you. they make you as sly as a fox:

this is a list of proxies:

don't forget the S

Step 3: Web translation

Picture of web translation
This is a last resort web translation proxy. I would only recommend using this as a backup to get to a regular web proxy. search - babelfish

Step 4: The usb way

Picture of the usb way
i have got a new method. download firefox on the usb(at home) then, go to school and run the internet off of it

Step 5: Another replacement

Picture of another replacement
this is a good replacement for translation proxies (because they suck), and because it's so much easier. You have to be using windows by the way.

goto command prompt.

type ping "the name of the website"

take down the ip address

when on the web, type the ip of your website in the http toolbar, then it'll go to that website. but it doesn't really go anywhere. but you can use it to go to the tunnel sites

Step 6: That's it

Picture of that's it
Well, if it works for you then be happy like this guy, YAAAAAY!
alexw21504 years ago
I'm happy i added a fake virus they thought it was real, they put down the blocks
carrot8714 years ago
hmm, i used to have admin user and password, but then i shut the computer off before logging off, and when it turned on, they saw the admin user name at the sign up screen, so they changed the password:(. on our macs, https will enable any website, such as youtube myspace or facebook
jas3305 years ago
i dont really do this i just get my principle or sneak in and go on main computor and add me and my friends admins but we are takin off every year but now the principle puts us on cause we are really smart
coolman355 years ago
DOWNLOAD ULTRA SURF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT CONNECTS TO THE SERVER IT REALLY WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dude_r16 years ago
I'm happy like that guy
Well with bess Ie smart filter ie n2h2 ie the anoying dog blocks all of these methods the best way would be to obtain a password and username.