How to Get Rid of Hiccups!!! (the Best Way.)





Introduction: How to Get Rid of Hiccups!!! (the Best Way.)

how to get rid of hiccups

Step 1: What U Need.

throat lozenges and hiccups.

Step 2: First...

firs of all people say hold youre breath,drink slowly and so on but this is the best way.

Step 3: Second...

put lozenges in mouth and suck slowly.

Step 4: Why It Works.

first i need to tell u something. i used to love science so...

Most simple cases of hiccups come after eating or drinking too much or too quickly. The stomach, which is situated right below the diaphragm, becomes distended and irritates it. This will cause the diaphragm to contract, as it does when we breathe in. and the lozenges relax the diaphragm.



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Questions & Answers


1 tsp of sugar works REALLY well too. : )

It helps the medicine go down.

If you can get one, a good sexy kiss works every time.

The following cure works very well, and dates back to Plato's "Symposium," written "not earlier than 385 B.C." according to the Penguin Classics introduction. One of the characters in the dialogue is a doctor, Eryximachus, who offers this advice:
If the hiccup is too violent for [holding one's breath or gargling], get something to tickle your nose with, and sneeze. One or two sneezes, and it will stop, however violent. (Walter Hamilton, trans.)
---For the "tickle," sprinkle some black pepper in your hand, and, with your face aimed downward about 6" above your hand, blow a short, sudden puff into the pepper, so that only the very fine powder is launched into a dust cloud. Take a good snort, and sneeze. This "powder-puff" technique keeps the larger grains of pepper, which can cause a painful burning sensation, out of your nose.

Ways to get rid of your Hiccups (and all your other problems)... Well, you could just die. Simple, and effective!

The sum of this entire thing is "put lozenges in mouth and suck slowly."? L

its my 1st 1 k

Not a good excuse for a what would seem to be a one-liner. Have you seen the related ones on the right and bottom? L

Hiccups do NOT come from stuff that's in the back of your throat. It's a camping of the spleen due to an irritation such as very spicy food, swallowed air or something. The best way to get rid of it is to concentrate on something else like deep breathing or something unusual like holding your breath. and btw, it's never good to fight the symptoms of something (i.e. numbing your throat) but to fight the cause. If you got a crumb in the back of your throat you shuld drink water and wash it away.

I'm not sure what you mean by "camping of the spleen" - but interested. Hiccups are caused by involuntary spasms of the diaphragm. L