here is come ways to get rid of pimples fast.......i will also show you how to get rid of scars.........and i will show you how to prevent them from getting back.

for pimples: if your trying to get rid of them first wash your face/back/ect. with a antibactirial hand soap.....this will kill germs and give your skin a nice glow,germs and greace are the main cause of pimples,they get cloged in your poers so when you use this soap instead of expensive face cleansers you will see and feel the difference. now when using this it wont dry out your skin like you think, but you should still put some of your favorite face cream or just a small amount of hand lotion. now put a little dab of carmex on the pimples,and rub in gently.let it soak in as much as possible,then add a dab of unscented sunscreen on them , because sun can cause pimples to stay longer.if you are puting on a foundation that already has spf 15 or 30 or ect. you dont need to . this is an efective way that has kept me from having pimples for 3 months now! for a more effective way wash your face with the antibacterial hand soap twice a day and put the carmex on it the morning and at night put a fairly large amount, then put a bandage on to keep it from rubing off.

                                                                                if you already have pimples results for having zero should be at least 2 weeks,then you will not have any for a long time,but always keep your skin safe from the sun or scars will not heal.leaving a unpleasent look on your skin.   ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS ? JUST ASK
well yes but the sunscreen is for getting rid of scars, because if scars are exposed to the sun to long they can become permanent... adding sunscreen help protect those scars from the suns raise.
Please comment back your answer!!
im sorry, yes this is what I use :)
doesn't sunscreen block up your pores?
Is this what u use?
if your talking about the pictures i have posted , then yes, i do use these, but the sunscreen and soap is optional. sorrry i took so long to answer but my computer crashed so i wasnt able to get on the enternet.

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