most of my how-to videos are a more about inspiration than teaching actual techniques. during a recent project that required me to glue a LOT of wood together, i got continually more efficient at it. when i reached maximum efficiency, i figured i'd show what i found to be a super fast and easy way to glue up table tops. hopefully this video will save some of you a little trial-and-error time.

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no video...
<p>that's strange. i see it. here's a direct link to the youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&amp;v=mA376tDNh18 cheers! -tim</p>
<p>That is definitely more efficient than I would be if left to my own devices. Thanks for sharing your awesome process.</p>
you should've seen how inefficient i was when i started! glad to save you some time i already spent!<br>

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