I saw somebody on Instructables did an Instructable on lucid dreaming, but I thought I could further this, and elaborate on it more

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MANY THANKS to this guy, check out his instructables, it really is an awesome idea for dream journals; https://www.instructables.com/id/Dream_Journal/?ALLSTEPS

Step 1: Starting Off With Some General Information on Lucid Dreaming

(correct me if im wrong on any of this)
lucid dreaming is when sombody is in a dream, but they know they are, and with this knloedge can perform any tasks not doable in waking life. by this i mean in a lucid dream you can
-Fly (this one is the most common)
-use telekenisis
-go out with (or perform acts upon) the person you desire the most
-ask out the person you desire the most or "pop teh question" (with this you build up confidence and can actually do it in real life)
-posess people
- overcome fears and phobias (by imagining yourself confronting your fear and knowing that it cannot harm you or pose any threat to you, it can then by confronted easier in real life)
- i've even heard of people having 360 degree vision
-meet other people in teh dreamscape (im a bit skeptical about this)
-practice and recite things for added confidence
<p>also I almost forgot in nightmares I always figure out that it's a dream but I don't want to stay so I wake myself up otherwise I probly wouldn't wake up. And I have a dream that I'll have seen before and then another dream that continues it like sometimes I need to finesh my nightmares this is very weird and rare but it kind of worries me</p>
<p>for some reason I feel pain in dreams I'm thinking that as I'm dreaming I inflict the pain on myself for example once I had a guy cut my ear in a dream and it really hurt as a result I havnt lucid dreamed yet because I can't tell if its a dream</p>
<p>I love the fact that you noticed this. &lt;3 Kudos.</p>
<p>I have a very close friend... so close that many people think we are Lesbians. In fact, we are not, but we're closer than most people will ever be to another individual in their lifetime. That isn't me bragging. That's the reality of the situation. It isn't to detract from the friendships of others... but anyhow, we have shared many dreams. And we write them down .We took it as coincidence at first, but now it is harder to see it as coincidence when it has happened repeatedly. We now live about 140 miles away from each other. We lived with each other for about 5 years, and the last two years we have been literally states away from each other. Varying distances. </p><p>She and I have dreams on occasion that share the same focal point, but it wont be a &quot;moral of the story&quot; type focal point in the dream. It will be a random thing that sticks out in our dream. We end up telling each other about them, to find out that the other one of us has had the same, strikingly similar experience in their dream, or one common denominator that cannot be explained or a reasoning accounted for. <br><br>One example was January of 2014. My friend Sierra and I were having a conversation over the phone. The night before, I had a repetitive dream that a brilliant blue goats eye was watching me. I woke up from it repeatedly. It was terrifying. I had the most awful feeling that night... it's very hard to describe how empty and hollow I felt. I dreamed it repeatedly. The goats eye was crystal clear blue. Brilliant and beautiful. But frightening nonetheless. <br><br>The next day, she was telling me of her dream. She dreamed that the two of us were driving down a dark road, surrounded by trees on either side. In the distance, we saw two brilliant blue eyes staring at us from the bushes, she said. We stopped the truck, got out, and walked over to discover that it was a cat hiding in the bushes. Will crystal clear blue eyes. It watched us, refusing to move. According to her, we got back in the truck, and continued down the road. <br><br>Things like this have happened repeatedly. It happened again last night. The common denominator in our set of dreams was this time men who attempted to hurt us. In my dream, a man wearing a hoodie, and three of his friends chased me. It was getting dark and I was on the side of town where everything was closing up. It was turning dusk, and they began following me, with dark intent. They smiled, akin to demonic predators. My cell phone was dead and there were no stores open to run inside for safety. They began running after me, so I ran as hard as I could, having difficulty keeping my flats on. I don't remember what happened after this point.</p><p>Last night, Sierra had a similar dream. She dreamed something much like I dreamed, man in the hoodie included, and his friends with him, also. Her dream was somewhat more graphic than mine, so I will not share this particular aspect. But out dream shared the same group of men with vulgar intentions, and the same guy in the hoodie, with the same evil smiles. <br></p><p>We want to learn how to control our dreams so that we can actively share dreams. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!<br><br></p>
MY friend had a lucid dream last night cause of them, but he got excited and woke up in his dream so he was actually still dreaming, but he thought he wasn't.
once, my brother asked me: " do you remember that time when we did that thing?" at the time, we were both tranced, zoned out, and I knew what he was talking about! it was a skiing trip. I have no idea how it happened
that is amazing! i wish i had a shared dream <br>
seriously? dude thats awesome a shared dream, me and my friend really wanna have one. next time if you have a shared dream agree on a word in teh dream then when you wake up and write teh word down to verify you shared the dream, seriously if you can prove you had a shared dream it would be immense
he doesn't believe in psionics and obe s or lucid dreaming...
doesnt belive in lucid dreaming? its scientific and proven hence the fourms of people saying they had lucid dreams. OBE's havent been proven and nor has psionics so its his decision to belive in them or not but lucid dreaming isnt any "hippy dippy" stuff it is real, well you know what i mean as real as dreaming can be.
I think he just doesn't really care, and just thinks I'm a freak :D
today at school, in algebra, I got bored so I meditated, all of a sudden I was zoned out and aligned my psi energy/chi I had this physical feeling in the back of my head, like Novocaine (which I have heard "rains" down your head/ place where it was injected.) the feeling tingled, went to the base of my neck, and "rained" down the rest of my body all the way down to my feet. my feet were very warm, for the rest of the day, as I type this, I feel the energy in my feet... it is pretty cool, like an energy pool. I don't know what it means, but I will try to do something lucid/obe when I go to bed after I type this. also, last night , I had a dream a fat guy I knew was chasing me, singing the song rehab...you gotta know the guy...
i have tried this before when i was in my bed i zoned out and i was concentrating on my pineal gland (centre of your head little bit above the centre of your eyes) and i felt this flowing sensation throughout my body, it might've been my body shutting down to go to sleep but i was more in tune with it than other nights. it is really awesome try it when you go to bed its an awesome sensation if you can get it right.
thank you!
my step brothers freind once woke up and started looking around and under things because his dream told him to push a red button and when asked what he was doing he said im looking for the red button
Once in a dream my grandma told me (and I quote)"The key to flying is a purple penny."Then she flew off and when I woke up for like the next week I was looking for a purple penny.XP
i think thats called a false awakening, if hes intrested he might wanna try grounding himself by like just looking at the surroundings and taking it al in
did anyone here ever have one of these lucid dreams? and if so, can you describe the dream to me? and do you really have COMPLETE control, or can you just manipulate it a little?
i have had many lucid dreams <br>
I had my first one last night, i got too excited and woke up, i transitioned from a normal dream to a lucid one, one moment i was dreaming i was in a desert with a sidewalk with a puddle on it, i sat down and closed my eyes, then my body felt tingly, and i was at a beach, i just knew i was dreaming, so i tried to make a laptop appear on my lap, but i woke up. With enough practice and experience you should be able to have complete control, its AWESOME!!!
think of the matrix, if you belive you can do it, you can. you feel weird in it, and the amount of control you have depend on teh depth of teh dream your in or as reece jones on youtube (look him up on www.youtube.com under lucid dreams reece jones). you can ahve control over yourself only, or other people, or everything, even the setting. belive me lucid dreams feel weird bt are a totally awesome experience.
I've always wanted to learn to back flip on the ground. I had this dream where I done a back flip on the ground in an area where that was like a big grass field or paddock, then at new years I was at a camping ground by the beach with some mates and we were standing on the big grass areas where tents go and i just did one the way i had done it in my dream. Its like I learn't how to do it in my dream first and it built my confidence up
that is amazing! <br>
dude that like matrix, they download stuff to him int he matrix then he knows it haha. nioce. gonna try that.
i love lucid dreams, generally when i am about to wake up i can stay asleep and have a lucid dream but i don't do that much. also when i am about to go to sleep i can think about something and visualize it and it appears in my dream
Out of Body Experiences acronym OOBE
&quot;I have previously lazed about in my bed and forgotten good dreams and have regretted it&quot;<br><br>Ditto
So if I want to dream that I'm in a room (a room that I just imagine, not a room I've been in) and I think of being in that room before I go to bed, should I think of there being something like a clock or poster that I can check? This way I realize I'm dreaming?
I have had lucid dreams, before, but I am a sleepwalker, so sometimes I act them out in real life before waking!&nbsp; The dream journal thing really works!&nbsp; You will remember more and more each morning.&nbsp; The only bad thing is that if you work the early shift you don't have time to write down all the details before you have to get up and get ready!&nbsp; I often remember doing things in my sleep that I thought I dreamt, but really did do (partially, at least...)&nbsp; I once got up and cut a block of cheese into perfect little slices, washed the knife and left the cheese out all night.&nbsp; (Thankfully, sharp cheddar can handle sitting at room temp. for a few hours and still be fine.)&nbsp; In my dream, I took it out to the backyard and made sandwiches for me and my dogs.&nbsp; In the morning, I awoke to a freshly cut block of cheese, sitting out on the counter.&nbsp; Having injured myself before while sleepwalking,&nbsp;I'm not sure if I want to pursue lucid dreams on purpose, but it is an intruiging topic, since I have a unique point of view about them.&nbsp; I have always had vivid dreams, and sometimes have recurring dreams about a certain place that I haven't ever been in real life.&nbsp; I always end up in an upstairs room and can describe it in detail at any time.&nbsp; Maybe one day I'll find myself there and wonder about it no more...
And I have a friend who automatically controls his dreams. Can some people do it better than others?<br />
I am trying to be lucid. I am not, so far, but last night was really weird.<br /> <br /> I went to sleep, and woke up again in the middle of the night, not remembering any dream at all. I tried going back to sleep, but I realized for some reason I was so hungry my stomach was hurting! After a while, I finally manged to go to sleep. The dream was, imagine that, about food! When I woke up, after I jotted it down in the journal, I realized something. I wasn't hungry!<br /> <br /> Now, I don't sleepwalk, sleep eat or anything. How is that possible?<br />
&nbsp;This is great! I've always wanted to try kicking my friend in a dream and ask them if they had a dream of me kicking them; but I never remember or think about it in a dream. Also one time I woke up in a dream and then woke up again and remember waking up earlier and got confused...so I came to the conclusion and then remember I had woken up in my dream. I love dreams and vagley remember old dreams and wish I have written them down. Sometimes I wake up and have a hard time remembering the detail of my dream a half hour later so the &quot;dream journal&quot; will help! Thanks a lot!<br /> <br />
&nbsp;I can remember now that I have become lucid (before I didn't know the term) in a few of my dreams and they are usually in nightmares and I realize I need to get out! lol
&nbsp;i find it&nbsp;easiest&nbsp;at school in a boring class where you know you&nbsp;shouldn't&nbsp;be sleeping....
step number 6 definitely works. Also helps to eat mushrooms before bed ;D<br /> &nbsp;(or some sid)
I have a hard time in general dreaming. Technically we dream every night but i cant remember them ever. Any advice?
this may seem a bit screwed up but it works, before you go to bed say &quot; tonight i will remember my dreams&quot; and for good measure &quot;i will have a lucid dream tonight&quot;. also you end to remember dreaqms right when you get up or a little while after, i think i remember half an hour bursts after you wake up you remember dreams better, bad news for me because thats when i get into the shower, but if you keep on thinking about dreaming throughout the day and before you go to bed and when you wake up (yes that is all the time) your dream recall should increce. if that fails pharmasudical help might be in order, orange or apple juice can help, also theres a herb called Calea zacatechichi or &quot;dream herb&quot; that can increace your recall, but might be a bit expencive for every night. also if you drink alcohol before you go to sleep it screws up your mind a bit, and pretty much everyone who smoke marijuana before they sleep say they cant ever remember their dreams. if you want more help look onto the website in my instructable <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.dreamviews.com">http://www.dreamviews.com</a><br/>
Thanks for the response. Actually weird enough alcohol and marijuana DOES help me remember dreams. Its almost when i dont do either i do not remember them. I will try your advice eventually. Thanks again
erm so you do do drugs thats not just a funny screenname?
nah man, not drugs, herbal supplements<br />
I think thats called being high...
doing alcohol and drugs then going to sleep shouldnt help you remember dreams, but after the drug/ drunkness wears off you'll remember your dreams better than usual.
&nbsp;Warning: <br /> <br /> Do not look into a mirror as a reality check! This is an instant nightmare. The image in the mirror is usually distorted and scary.
hmmmmm look at this<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.wikihow.com/Lucid-Dream">http://www.wikihow.com/Lucid-Dream</a><br/>copied word by word<br/>
i dind't understand who you said&nbsp;was copying who but i assure you i typed this out myself word for word.
it seems whenever i have a lucid dream its about something horrible and i always wake up in horror sweating. no fare
you can actualy focus on the bad stuff and make it turn into good stuff, you have control in lucid dreams, don't forget.
Just a note, its 0530, and I've been awake since 0930 the day prior. I won't get to sleep until about 0800, so after 22.5 hours of being awake I'm determined to have a lucid dream. I'll check back in a few days!

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