In this instructable i will go over the techniques you will need to make just about anything out of hemp, neclaces, braclets, anklets, key chains, zipper pulls, whatever you can come up with! Hemp is a cheap and easy way to make unique funky, jewery. if you have any questions just let me know, especialy sence this is my first instructable!

Step 1: Supplies

 It dosn't take much to make cool hemp jewelry.
things you'll need:

Beads: (if you plan on using them) these are the hardest to come by, they must have holes big enough for two strands of whatever size hemp you are using. Wood and glass beads go best with hemp, but pony beads will also work, plus their cheap. i recomend ordering online or bringing a scrap peice of hemp with you to your local bead store.

Hemp: (duh) you can get hemp in a variety of sizes and colors, if this is your first project i recomed a mid sized hemp such as the center natural colored hemp pictured. once you get the hang of things then you can move on the extra small or large hemp as they each have their difficulties. you can pick up hemp at your local bead or craft stores or online.


clear fingernail polish

a safty pin: safty pins are the easiest way to go but anything that will secure your work will work, more on that later
Nice Instructable! Thanks for sharing!
I think thats actually an overhand knot<br />
a granny knot and an overhand knot are pretty similar.. juss sayin
A granny knot is like like a reef (square) knot, except that the direction is not changed. IE. reef knot: left over right, then right over left granny knot: left over right, then left over right
your probably right, i have never been to good with the names of knots, thanks!
Uh, you said it would teach us the things you said in the intro. Looks like everyone has to figure it out one way or the other by themselves don't they (most of the time they have to)?<br />
Your, mostly right. It seems i forgot to mention the varations at the end. However following these steps is really all you have to do to to make any of the things i listed the only difrance is that you don't connect the two ends for the key chain and zipper pull, and you agust the size of the hemp for an anklet or neclace. If you have any questions on technicalities, please just let me know, i'll be happy to answer them! thanks!<br />

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