How to Hide Any Wire Along a Carpeted Wall





Introduction: How to Hide Any Wire Along a Carpeted Wall

this instructable demonstrates how to hide a wire inside a wall with carpeting. it does not involve any carpentry, plumbing, or dog breeding at all. it is especially useful for making rooms look nice, making sure cleaning ladies/ moms/ girlfriends/ wives/ insane llamas don't rip up wires in an attempt to "clean up".

Step 1: Placing the Wire

first, you will need to find where your wire will go. try to find a place where there are not many turns, because that will make it harder. if it is going to go all around a room, you will need quite a long wire, so prepare for that.

Step 2: Pushing Wire In

for actually putting in the wire, I found it was best to use a broken pencil. it worked better than a screwdriver or anything else I tried. first, you hold the wire on one side. then, you move away from the hand holding the wire, pushing the wire in with the pencil. you may have to go over it a few times. and try not to damage your house, this may not work.

Step 3: All Done!!!!

um.......ur done.



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    Doesn't work too well with wood floors like I have... ;)

    did your seeing eye dog not mention the carpet???? bad dog ,,no treats for a week !!!!!!!!

    not nice. I'm ruined now. I have to go live as a hermit in a hole in the ground that people regularly use as a toilet.

    wait... don't worry about what? that's my dream life.

    To live as a hermit? In a hole that's used as a bathroom? You need

    I need the help of a career counselor.