this will show how to hook up a computer headset so that you can play games or talk to other people online.

Step 1: things you will need

you will need

headset (with or without microphone)
control panel
If I would not see this, i would not think that there can be anyone who have a problem with plugging in headset... ... ... ... anyway, in one computer there is a sound card integrated with the motherboard, so it have jack ports near most of other ports, like keyboard, or USB. other one have outer sound card, and ports placed like on the instructable, but most of computers have a front panel with USB, jacks, or sometimes a card reader, so you don't even have to unplug the speakers from the back of the computer.
Why do you need a flashlight? Couldn't you just hook it up using the ports on the front of the computer?
Most computers have them on the back
Yeah I saw that on my school's computers.
my microphone port was on the back of the computer
i cant believe you could actully break down plugging in a cable into 5 steps..... also, note that not all pc's have the audio jacks in that location. Your pc has them there becuase you have a sound card on your pc...a pc with integrated audio will have them near the middle of the pc. just thought I would bring that up. overall....good.....job.... :\ :P
thank you i didn't know that

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